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Fake Snowflake Connector for Python. Run, mock and test Snowflake DB locally.

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Fake Snowflake Connector for Python. Run and mock Snowflake DB locally.


pip install fakesnow


Run with fakesnow:


Or a module, eg: pytest

fakesnow -m pytest

fakesnow executes fakesnow.patch before running the script or module.


To use fakesnow within your code:

import fakesnow
import snowflake.connector

with fakesnow.patch():
    conn = snowflake.connector.connect()

    print(conn.cursor().execute("SELECT 'Hello fake world!'").fetchone())

The following imports are automatically patched:

  • import snowflake.connector.connect
  • import snowflake.connector.pandas_tools.write_pandas

To patch modules that use the from ... import syntax, manually specify them, eg: if has the import:

from snowflake.connector.pandas_tools import write_pandas

Then patch it using:

with fakesnow.patch("mymodule.write_pandas"):

By default databases are in-memory. To persist databases between processes, specify a databases path:

with fakesnow.patch(db_path="databases/"):

pytest fixtures

pytest fixtures are provided for testing. Example

from typing import Iterator

import fakesnow.fixtures
import pytest

pytest_plugins = fakesnow.fixtures.__name__

@pytest.fixture(scope="session", autouse=True)
def setup(_fakesnow_session: None) -> Iterator[None]:
    # the standard imports are now patched

Or with from ... import patch targets:

from typing import Iterator

import fakesnow
import pytest

@pytest.fixture(scope="session", autouse=True)
def _fakesnow_session() -> Iterator[None]:
    with fakesnow.patch("mymodule.write_pandas"):

Implementation coverage

Partial support

  • date functions
  • regex functions
  • semi-structured data
  • tags
  • user management (See tests/

For more detail see tests/


  • The order of rows is non deterministic and may not match Snowflake unless ORDER BY is fully specified.
  • A more liberal Snowflake SQL dialect than a real Snowflake instance is supported, ie: some queries might pass using fakesnow that a real Snowflake instance would reject.


See to get started and develop in this repo.

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