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Heath check on FastAPI applications.

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FastAPI Health 🚑️

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The goal of this package is to help you to implement the Health Check API pattern.


pip install fastapi-health

Quick Start

Create the health check endpoint dynamically using different conditions. Each condition is a callable, and you can even have dependencies inside of it:

from fastapi import FastAPI, Depends
from fastapi_health import health

def get_session():
    return True

def is_database_online(session: bool = Depends(get_session)):
    return session

app = FastAPI()
app.add_api_route("/health", health([is_database_online]))

Advanced Usage

The health() method receives the following parameters:

  • conditions: A list of callables that represents the conditions of your API, it can return either bool or a dict.
  • success_output: An optional dictionary that will be the content response of a successful health call.
  • failure_output: An optional dictionary analogous to success_output for failure scenarios.
  • success_status: An integer that overwrites the default status (200) in case of success.
  • failure_status: An integer that overwrites the default status (503) in case of failure.

It's important to notice that you can have a peculiar behavior in case of hybrid return statements (bool and dict) on the conditions. For example:

from fastapi import FastAPI
from fastapi_health import health

def healthy_condition():
    return {"database": "online"}

def sick_condition():
    return False

app = FastAPI()
app.add_api_route("/health", health([healthy_condition, sick_condition]))

This will generate a response composed by the status being 503 (default failure_status), because sick_condition returns False, and the JSON body {"database": "online"}. It's not wrong, or a bug. It's meant to be like this.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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