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Helpers for implementing errors nicely with OpenAPI and FastAPI.

Project description

Identity Lib

This Python package contains utilities enabling nicer error descriptions in OpenAPI specs generated by FastAPI.


Install fastapi-openapierrors using pip:

pip install fastapi-openapierrors

The module can then be used as fastapi_openapierrors to annotate routes:

from fastapi import FastAPI
from fastapi_openapierrors import NotFoundResponse, BadRequestResponse
from pydantic import BaseModel

app = FastAPI()

class Widget(BaseModel):
    name: str

    summary="Get a single widget",
    description="Get a single widget by name",
    responses={400: BadRequestResponse, 404: NotFoundResponse}
async def get_widget(
      name: str = Path(
        title="The name of the widget"
    # FastAPI automatically returns a Bad Request response if the request does
    # not match the route.

    # Look for widget by name.
    widget, was_found = get_widget_by_name(name)

    if not was_found:
        raise HTTPException(status_code=status.HTTP_404_NOT_FOUND)

    return widget

Developer quickstart

This project contains a dockerized testing environment which wraps tox.

Tests can be run using the ./ command:

# Run all PyTest tests and Flake8 checks
$ ./

# Run just PyTest
$ ./ -e py3

# Run a single test file within PyTest
$ ./ -e py3 -- tests/

# Run a single test file within PyTest with verbose logging
$ ./ -e py3 -- tests/ -vvv

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