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Feature-rich robust FastAPI template

Project description

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Flexible general-purpose template for FastAPI.


⚠️ Git, Python and Poetry must be installed and accessible ⚠️

Poetry version must be greater or equal than 1.1.8. Otherwise it won't be able to install SQLAlchemy.

Templator in action

You can install it directly from pypi with pip.

python3 -m pip install fastapi_template
python3 -m fastapi_template
# or fastapi_template
# Answer all the questions
# 🍪 Enjoy your new project 🍪
cd new_project
docker-compose -f deploy/docker-compose.yml --project-directory . build
docker-compose -f deploy/docker-compose.yml --project-directory . up --build

If you want to install it from sources, try this:

python3 -m pip install poetry
python3 -m pip install .
python3 -m fastapi_template

Also you can use it with docker.

docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd):/projects" s3rius/fastapi_template


One of the coolest features is that this project is extremely configurable. You can choose between different databases and even ORMs, or you can even generate a project without a database! Currently SQLAlchemy1.4, TortoiseORM, Piccolo and Ormar are supported.

This project can run as TUI or CLI and has excellent code documentation.

Generator features:

  • You can choose between GraphQL and REST api;
  • Different databases support;
  • Different ORMs support;
  • Optional migrations for each ORM except raw drivers;
  • Optional redis support;
  • Optional rabbitmq support;
  • different CI\CD;
  • Optional Kubernetes config generation;
  • Optional Demo routers and models (This helps you to see how project is structured);
  • Pre-commit integration;
  • Generated tests with almost 90% coverage;
  • Tests for the generator itself;
  • Optional Prometheus integration;
  • Optional Sentry integration;
  • Optional Loguru logger;
  • Optional Opentelemetry integration.

This project can handle arguments passed through command line.

$ python -m fastapi_template --help

usage: FastAPI template [-h] [--version] [--name PROJECT_NAME]
                        [--description PROJECT_DESCRIPTION]
                        [--api-type {rest,graphql}]
                        [--db {none,sqlite,mysql,postgresql}]
                        [--orm {ormar,sqlalchemy,tortoise,psycopg,piccolo}]
                        [--ci {none,gitlab_ci,github}] [--redis] [--rabbit]
                        [--migrations] [--kube] [--dummy] [--routers]
                        [--swagger] [--prometheus] [--sentry] [--loguru]
                        [--opentelemetry] [--traefik] [--force] [--quite]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version, -V         Prints current version
  --name PROJECT_NAME   Name of your awesome project
                        Project description
  --api-type {rest,graphql}
                        API type
  --db {none,sqlite,mysql,postgresql}
  --orm {ormar,sqlalchemy,tortoise,psycopg,piccolo}
  --ci {none,gitlab_ci,github}
                        Choose CI support
  --redis               Add Redis support
  --rabbit              Add RabbitMQ support
  --migrations          Add migrations support
  --kube                Add Kubernetes configs
  --dummy, --dummy-model
                        Add dummy model
  --routers             Add example routers
  --swagger             Enable self-hosted Swagger
  --prometheus          Add prometheus integration
  --sentry              Add sentry integration
  --loguru              Add loguru logger
  --opentelemetry       Add opentelemetry integration
  --traefik             Adds traefik labels to docker container
  --force               Owerrite directory if it exists
  --quite               Do not ask for features during generation

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