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Faster recursive directory walk for Python.

Project description

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Library Speed
os.walk (std lib) 225.98
faster_than_walk 70.0
  • Benchmarks run on Docker from Dockerfile on this repo.
  • Speed is IRL time to complete 10000 full recursive directory walks to /usr/share/.
  • Stats as of year 2019.
  • x86_64 64Bit AMD, SSD, Arch Linux.


import faster_than_walk as ftw

print(ftw.walks("/path/to/some/folder"))                   # From path string
print(ftw.walks("/path/to/some/folder", [".py", ".txt"]))  # Filter by Extension
print(ftw.walks("/path/to/some/folder", [".py"], followlinks=True))  # Follow SymLinks
print(ftw.walks("/path/to/some/folder", [".py"], followlinks=True, yieldfiles=False)) # Folders only
print(ftw.walks_glob("*.txt"))           # Standard POSIX Globs
print(ftw.walks_glob("**/*.txt"))        # Recursive standard POSIX Globs


Description: Takes a path string, makes a full recursive walk of folders and returns a list with the result. Recursive directory walk from path to list of strings.


  • folderpath A local path, str type, required, must not be empty string.
  • extensions list of file Extensions, list type, optional, list must contain str, must not be empty list.
  • followlinks Set to True to follow SymLinks, bool type, optional.
  • yieldfiles Set to False to return folders only, bool type, optional.
  • debugs Set to True for Debug mode, bool type, optional, not needed for normal usage.

Returns: Result, list type, values of the list are str type.


Description: Takes a path string, makes a full recursive walk of folders and returns a list with the result. Recursive directory walk from standard POSIX like Glob Pattern string to list of strings, allows Recursive and Non-Recursive Globs.


  • globpattern A standard POSIX like Glob Pattern string, str type, required, must not be empty string.

Returns: Result, list type, values of the list are str type.

For more Examples check the Examples.

Instead of having a pair of functions with a lot of arguments that you should provide to make it work, we have tiny functions with very few arguments that do one thing and do it as fast as possible.


  • pip install faster_than_walk


  • None


  • Make a quick test drive on Docker!.
$ ./
$ ./
$ ./  # Inside Docker.


  • ✅ Linux
  • ✅ Windows
  • ✅ Mac
  • ✅ Android
  • ✅ Raspberry Pi
  • ✅ BSD


More Faster Libraries...


  • Python 3.
  • GCC.
  • 64 Bit.


  • Whats the idea, inspiration, reason, etc ?.

Feel free to Fork, Clone, Download, Improve, Reimplement, Play with this Open Source. Make it 10 times faster, 10 times smaller.

  • This requires Cython ?.


  • This runs on PyPy ?.


  • This runs on Python2 ?.

I dunno. (Not supported)

  • This runs on 32Bit ?.


  • This runs with Clang ?.


  • How can I Install it ?.

pip install faster_than_walk

  • How can be faster than os.walk ?.

I dunno.

  • How to Filter by File Extensions ?.

extensions = [".py", ".txt", ".tar.gz"]

(Glob Pattern may be faster for several file extensions than the extensions argument)

  • How to force Follow SymLinks ?.

followlinks = True

  • How to force return Folders only and Not Files ?.

yieldfiles = False

  • How to enable Debug ?.

debugs = True

  • How to use a Glob Pattern ?.

globpattern = "*.txt"

  • How to use a Recursive Glob Pattern ?.

globpattern = "**/*.txt"

  • I need to import glob on my code to use a Glob Pattern ?.


  • Whats a Glob Pattern ?.

  • Why needs 64Bit ?.

Maybe it works on 32Bit, but is not supported, integer sizes are too small, and performance can be worse.

  • Why needs Python 3 ?.

Maybe it works on Python 2, but is not supported, and performance can be worse, we suggest to migrate to Python3.

  • Can I wrap the functions on a try: except: block ?.

Functions do not have internal try: except: blocks, so you can wrap them inside try: except: blocks if you need very resilient code.

  • PIP fails to install or fails build the wheel ?.

Add at the end of the PIP install command:

--isolated --disable-pip-version-check --no-cache-dir --no-binary :all:

Not my Bug.

  • How to Build the project ?.

  • How to Package the project ?.

  • This requires Nimble ?.


  • Whats the unit of measurement for speed ?.

Unmmodified raw output of Python timeit module.

Please send Pull Request to Python to improve the output of timeit.

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