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Chef Cookbook Wizardry

Project description

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Helps build cookbooks faster by pre-templating parts and exposing
options in a command line and config friendly way.


The latest release of fastfood can be installed via pip:

pip install fastfood
An alternative install method would be manually installing it leveraging
git clone
cd fastfood
python install

Command Line Usage


Shows a list of available stencils in your template pack.


$ fastfood list
Available Stencil Sets:
       varnish - Creates a recipe for installing Varnish
      ha-redis - Creates a highly available Redis and HAProxy recipe
          java - Installs Java JRE


Shows more information about a stencil, including available options.

$ fastfood show nginx
Stencil Set nginx:
    name - Name of the recipe to create
    example - Various premade Nginx examples


Generates a new cookbook or updates an existing cookbook from a fastfood.json

Example Template:

  "name": "mycookbook",
  "stencils": [
      "stencil_set": "base"
      "stencil_set": "rabbitmq",
      "openfor": "myapp"
      "stencil_set": "rails",
      "stencil": "nginx",
      "name": "myapp",
      "tag": "myapp"


fastfood build fastfood.json

Template Notes

Fastfood uses the Jinja2 templating engine with
2 modifications.


There is a helper method added to jinja2 for fastfood called qstring, it
takes in an argument and if that argument does not match a Chef node
attributes (node[‘mysomething’] | node.chef_environment) it will wrap that argument
in a string otherwise it just returns the argument.

renders as




renders as


jinja variable

Because the traditional jinja2 variable start and end strings can conflict
with Ruby code fastfood uses ‘|{’ and ‘}|’ to represent a jinja2 variable.
|{ options['name'] }|

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