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Commandline tools for training Fathom rulesets

Project description

This is the commandline trainer for Fathom, which itself is a supervised-learning system for recognizing parts of web pages. It also includes other commandline tools for ruleset development, like fathom-unzip, fathom-pick, and fathom-list. See docs for the trainer here.

Version History

  • Add fathom-test tool for computing test-corpus accuracies.

  • Add fathom-extract to break down frozen pages into small enough pieces to check into GitHub.

  • Add fathom-serve to dodge the CORS errors that otherwise happen when loading extracted pages.

  • Add a test harness for the Python code.

  • Add confidence intervals for false positives and false negatives in trainer.

  • Add precision and recall numbers to trainer.

  • Add optional positive-sample weighting in trainer, for trading off between precision and recall.

  • Add experimental support for deeper neural networks in trainer.

  • Add recognition-time speed metrics to trainer.

  • Add fathom-list tool.

  • Further optimize trainer: about 17x faster for a 60-sample corpus, with superlinear improvements for larger ones.

  • Move to Fathom repo.

  • Add fathom-unzip and fathom-pick.

  • Switch to the Adam optimizer, which is significantly more turn-key, to the point where it doesn’t need its learning-rate decay set manually.

  • Tolerate pages for which no candidate nodes were collected.

  • Add 95% CI for per-page training accuracy.

  • Add validation-guided early stopping.

  • Revise per-page accuracy calculation and display.

  • Shuffle training samples before training.

  • Add false-positive and false-negative numbers to per-tag metrics.

  • First release, intended for use with Fathom itself 3.0 or later

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