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Simple, high-speed batch data reader for ML applications.

Project description

Faucet ML

Faucet ML is a Python package that enables high speed mini-batch data reading from common data warehouses for machine learning model training.

Faucet ML is designed for cases where:

  • Datasets are too large to fit into memory
  • Model training requires mini-batches of data (SGD based algorithms)


pip install faucetml

Supported data warehouses

  • Google BigQuery
  • Snowflake (soon)
  • Amazon Redshift (soon)

Suggestions for other DBs to support? Open an issue and let us know.

More about Faucet

Many training datasets are too large to fit in memory, but model training would benefit from using all of the training data. Naively issuing 1 query per mini-batch of data is unnecessarily expensive due round-trip network costs. Faucet is a library that solves these issues by:

  • Fetching large "chunks" of data in non-blocking background threads
    • where chunks are much larger than mini-batches, but still fit in memory
  • Caching chunks locally
  • Returning mini-batches from cached chunks in O(1) time


Using Faucet is meant to be simple and painless.


Faucet takes in a BigQuery table with the following schema:

features <STRUCT>
labels <STRUCT>

For example:

|                      features                    |     labels     |
| {"age": 16, "ctr": 0.02, , "noise": 341293, ...} | {"clicked": 0} |

Initialize the data reader:

from faucetml.data_reader import get_data_reader

data_reader = get_data_reader(
    hash_on_feature="noise", # feature used to hash for random sampling
    chunk_size=1024 * 100,

Start reading data and training:

for epoch in range(2):

    # training loop
    batch = data_reader.get_batch()
    while batch is not None:
        batch = data_reader.get_batch()

    # evaluation loop
    batch = data_reader.get_batch(eval=True)
    while batch is not None:
        batch = data_reader.get_batch(eval=True)

Future features

  • Support more data warehouses
  • Add preprocessing to data reading
  • Support reading features from Feast

Suggestions for other features? Open an issue and let us know.

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