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Famicom Disk System disk image manipulation

Project description

Famicom Disk System disk image manipulation tools.

fdscheck can recognize game titles with the internal database. This database is converted from FDS Study database, and it is originally developed by ena and gponys. Thanks for the great work and the permission to use!



$ fdscheck game.fds                 # with internal database
$ fdscheck --db fdsdb.json game.fds # with custom database
$ fdscheck --nodb game.fds          # without database


$ fdssplit game.fds


$ fdscheck -f manifest game.fds > manifest.json
$ fdssplit game.fds
... (modify files)
$ fdsbuild out.fds manifest.json

convert FDS Study database into JSON:

$ fdssjson fdsdb-be.txt > fdsdb.json

To convert Japanese database, encoding conversion is needed:

$ iconv -f cp932 -t utf-8 fdsdb-bj.txt > fdsdb-bj-utf8.txt
$ fdssjson fdsdb-bj-utf8.txt > fdsdb-ja.json


$ pip install .


To compile *.ksy files by yourself, HEAD of kaitai-struct-compiler is required.



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