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("Python cffi bridge to fontconfig's FcFontList/FcFontMatch",)

Project description

###Python cffi bridge to fontconfig's FcFontList/FcFontMatch

Useful for python programs that need to query information about fonts installed
in the system(use this instead of parsing fc-list output). Requires the
fontconfig shared library installed in a directory that the cffi module can


from fclist import fclist, fcmatch

# Print the family, style and file path of monospace/truetype fonts
for font in fclist(spacing='mono', fontformat='TrueType'):
print,, font.file

# Print the system's default monospace font
print fcmatch('monospace')

`fclist` can receive any keyword arguments that can be passed to the `fc-list`
command, and the returned font objects have most attributes defined by

`fcmatch` receives the same pattern that is normally passed to `fc-match`, but
it doesn't support the --all/--sort options(only returns a single font object).

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