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Composes Atomic rpm-ostrees when Fedora repositories are updated

Project description

Triggers Atomic ostree composes when Fedora updates/rawhide/branched repositories are updated.

You can also trigger composes via a command-line tool or Python API.


  • Simple JSON configuration

  • Compose trees in a lightweight systemd-nspawn container

  • Dynamic atomic treefile generation

  • Dynamic yum repo & mock configuration generation

  • Seperate logfiles for each compose

  • Python API

  • A fedmsg consumer that can trigger composes when new repos are available

  • A simple fedmsg-atomic-composer-cli command-line interface

  • Ability to rsync trees locally and remotely


sudo yum -y install git rpmdevtools python-{devel,mock}


All of the configuration lives in the in JSON format. You can define all of your releases like so:

config = {
     'releases': {
         'f21-updates': {
             'name': 'f21-updates',
             'repo': 'updates',
             'version': '21',
             'arch': 'x86_64',

             # Here you define your OSTree treefile configuration
             'tree': 'docker-host',
             'treefile': {
                 'include': 'fedora-atomic-docker-host.json',
                 'ref': 'fedora-atomic/f21/x86_64/updates/docker-host',
                 'repos': ['fedora-21', 'updates'],

             # The name of the mock container to build and maintain
             'mock': 'fedora-21-updates-x86_64',

             # The git branch to use in the `git_repo` for the parent
             # treefile & repo configurations
             'git_branch': 'f21',

             # Add or overwrite yum repository name:urls. This lets you
             # compose trees against your own repositories.
             'repos': {},

Build & Install locally


Composing a tree via the CLI

$ fedmsg-atomic-composer-cli compose f21-updates
$ fedmsg-atomic-composer-cli releases

$ fedmsg-atomic-composer-cli releases --json
{'f21-updates': {'arch': 'x86_64',
                 'canonical_dir': '/var/lib/fedora-atomic/21',
                 'git_branch': 'f21',
                 'git_cache': '/var/lib/fedora-atomic/work/fedora-atomic.git',
                 'git_repo': '',

Using the Python API

To compose a tree via the Python API, all you need to do is pass the compose method a release dictionary from the

from fedmsg_atomic_composer.composer import AtomicComposer
from fedmsg_atomic_composer.config import config

release = config['releases']['f21-updates']
composer = AtomicComposer()
result = composer.compose(release)

Enable & Monitor the fedmsg consumer

systemctl enable fedmsg-atomic-composer
systemctl start fedmsg-atomic-composer
journalctl -f -u fedmsg-atomic-composer

Triggering locally via fedmsg


This requires having the fedmsg-relay package installed and the service running.

fedmsg-logger --modname 'bodhi' --topic 'updates.fedora.sync' --message='{"release": "21", "repo": "updates"}' --json-input
fedmsg-logger --modname 'compose' --topic 'rawhide.rsync.complete' --message='{"arch":"x86_64"}' --json-input
fedmsg-logger --modname 'compose' --topic 'branched.rsync.complete' --message='{"arch":"x86_64"}' --json-input

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