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A tool for submitting and landing stacked diffs to GitHub

Project description


Fel is a tool for submitting stacked diffs to GitHub. Fel takes care of all the busy work of submitting multiple commits as a stack of PRs and lets you focus on keeping your diffs reviewable and lets reviewers focus on understanding your code. When your stack is ready to land, Fel handles merging all your PRs through GitHub, producing a commit history that looks like you rebased the whole stack at once, without polluting your history with extra merge commits, or requiring the upstream project to use an external tool to land diffs to master.


Fel Demo GIF

Fel even generates graphs for your PRs to indicate all of the diffs in your stack and how they relate.

This diff is part of a fel stack

* #75 Bugfixes in file 4
* #74 Added file4
| * #73 New line in third file
* #72 Third new file
* #71 Line 1 in new file
* master


Fel requires a GitHub oauth token to create and merge PRs on your behalf. Generate one here. Once you have your token, add it to the Fel configuration file (default ~/.fel.yml).

gh_token: <your_token_here>

Now create a new branch and start writing some diffs. Working with stacked diffs requires a different way of thinking, think of each commit as an atomic unit of change. Commit early into the development of each diff and amend often. Leave detailed commit bodies, they'll become the contents of your PRs when you submit your stack for review.

Once your stack is ready, run fel submit. Fel will generate a PR for each commit in the stack, basing the first PR against origin/master, and then each subsequent PR against the previous PR in the stack. If multiple stacks overlap, Fel will create a single PR for the common diffs, and base the diverging diffs on the common base.

When your diffs are reviewed and ready to land, checkout the top of your stack and run fel land. Fel will merge the PRs on GitHub in order by rebasing onto the base branch, without creating the ladder of merge commits associated with a manual stacked PR workflow. After your commits are landed, fel cleans up the branches it generated and leaves you on a fresh checkout of the upstream branch, with all of your diffs landed.

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