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A task queue for Python based on Redis Streams.

Project description


A task queue for Python 3.7+ based on Redis Streams with a Celery-like API.

Note: This is an alpha release. The project is under development, breaking changes are likely.


  • Supports both sync (e.g. Django, Flask) and async (e.g. Starlette, FastAPI) code.
  • Sane defaults: at least once processing semantics, tasks acknowledged on completion.
  • Automatic retries with exponential backoff for fire-and-forget jobs.
  • Clear task statuses available (e.g. sent, executing, success).
  • Automatic task discovery (defaults to using **/
  • Exceptionally small and understandable codebase.


pip install fennel

Basic Usage

Run Redis and then execute your code in

from fennel import App

app = App(name='myapp', redis_url='redis://')

def foo(n):
    return n

# Enqueue a task to be executed in the background by a fennel worker process.

Meanwhile, run the worker:

$ fennel worker --app tasks:app

Asynchronous API

Fennel also supports an async API. If your code is running in an event loop (e.g. via Starlette or FastAPI), you will want to use the async interface instead:

from fennel import App

app = App(name='myapp', redis_url='redis://', interface='async')

async def bar(x):
    return x

await bar.delay(5)

See also

If you need to ensure that all tasks for a given key are processed in-order, please see our sister project Runnel.

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