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Python representation of FHIR® specification.

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Python representation of FHIR® specification. Idea and class structure based on



A class that is controlling the behavior of fhirspec.FHIRSpec, powerful but very convenient. In several ways it is possible to construct the instance, ie. from JSON file (has support for json5), from python module, from TOML file, from plain text file, and so on. Only capital letter’s variables are accepted

>>> import pathlib
>>> import os
>>> from foo.module import bar
>>> from fhirspec import Configuration
>>> config1 = Configuration.from_module(bar)
>>> config2 = Configuration.from_json_file(pathlib.Path("/json/file/location"))
>>> data_dict = {
... "BASE_URL": pathlib.Path(os.path.abspath(__file__))
... }
>>> config3 = Configuration(data_dict=data_dict)


The main loader class, to construct this instance, Configuration: is required parameter and additionally source of json files. Bellows variables should have to be present in configuration.

required_variables = [


>>> from fhirspec import Configuration
>>> from fhirspec import FHIRSpec
>>> config = Configuration(
... {
...   "BASE_PATH": "",
... }
... )
>>> spec = FHIRSpec(config)
>>> "patient" in spec.profiles


A perfect tool to download any file from server, no dependency on third-party library.

>>> from fhirspec import download
>>> url = ""
>>> download_directory = pathlib.Path(os.path.expanduser("~/Downloads"))
>>> download(url, download_directory)
>>> (download_directory / "sample.pdf").exists()


0.4.0 (22-12-2022)

  • FHIR R4B specification support has been added.

0.3.0 (18-03-2021)

  • Now each FHIRClass contains original sequence of it’s properties(elements) defined in specification.

  • Additionally FHIRClass.expanded_properties_sequence returns all available properties (combined with parent) sequentially.

0.2.5 (02-11-2020)

  • This release contains full fixes of FHIRStructureDefinitionElement.represents_class issues.

0.2.4 (02-11-2020)

  • No more improvements, just same release of 0.2.1 and overrides to the faulty release of 0.2.3.

0.2.3 (24-09-2020)

Update to version ``0.2.4`` is recommended

  • use FHIRStructureDefinitionElement.is_main_profile_element instead of FHIRStructureDefinitionElement.represents_class

0.2.1 (15-06-2020)

  • Minor improvement on FHIRUnitTest handling empty value.

0.2.0 (06-06-2020)

  • FHIRClass.known property has been changed to FHIRClass.__know_classes__ and FHIRClass.is_known_class.

  • Make supports for Python 3.6 and 3.9

0.1.0 (28-04-2020)

  • Initial release [nazrulworld]

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“FHIR® is the registered trademark of HL7 and is used with the permission of HL7. Use of the FHIR trademark does not constitute endorsement of this product by HL7”

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