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Multi-format configuration assembler

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Figtree is a multi-format configuration file loader that normalizes all values into dictionaries and supports merging multiple configuration files into a single source. The later can be useful if you have multiple configuration sources and either want to load the first found or override default settings (such as having a system wide and per user configuration file).

Figtree supports the following configuration file formats:

  • YAML

  • JSON

  • XML (Currently ignores attributes)

  • INI (Currently does not support dictionaries within lists)

The Figtree API is also easily extensible to support new structured file formats through automatic registration of format handlers.

Simple Example

Configuration source: /etc/myproject/settings.yml

  debug: on
      value: 100
        - 1
        - 2
        - 3
flag: off

Loading and access data.

import figtree

conf = figtree.load_config('@/etc/myproject/settings.yml')

# configuration instances are dictionary like
flag_set = conf['flag']

# nested structures are also dictionary like
is_debugging = conf['section']['debug']

# easier lookups to avoid intermediate key checks
is_debugging = conf['section.debug']
is_debugging = conf.get('section.debug', False)

# sub-dictionaries can be accessed the same way
conf_section = conf['section']
value = conf_section['complex.structure.value']

Loading Options

Configuration files can be loaded from the following sources:

  • Files (Local and HTTP accessible)

  • String Literals

  • Dictionary Objects

Merge Settings

Load in order and merge settings. The last item has overrides others.

import figtree

conf = figtree.load_config(
            'section': {
                'debug': True
            'flag': False
        figtree.LiteralConfigSource('flag: off', hint='yaml')

First Found

Load the first found source. Mostly useful for file based sources.

import figtree

conf = figtree.load_first_found_config(

Project details

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figtree-0.2.2.tar.gz (7.7 kB view hashes)

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