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Class project to convert files from CSV to JSON and vice-versa

Project description

Converts files from CSV to JSON formats and vice-versa.

This is meant to be used as the final project for the Python course from the Artificial Intelligence program at PUC Minas.

It has nothing groundbreaking, so you should safely ignore it. In any case, if you managed to get here, feel free to check my other (hopefully) more useful projects:


pip install file-converter-fgsm

This assumes you are inside a virtual environment. If you wish to install it globally on the system (which I do not recommend for this class project), add sudo at the beginning.


Once installed, a file_converter command becomes available.


file_converter --help

to get further help.


Converting a single file

Suppose you have a file sample_file.csv in the current directory with the contents


To convert it into a json format, run

file_converter --conversion=csv2json --input_path=./sample_file.csv

and then you should have a sample_file.json in the same directory with the contents:

        "header1": 1,
        "header2": "a",
        "header3": 1.5,
        "header4": null
        "header1": 2,
        "header2": "b",
        "header3": 3.2,
        "header4": "info"

Notice how the missing info became null and each type was properly parsed.

The previous command is short for

file_converter --conversion=csv2json --input_path=./sample_file.csv --output_path=. --separator=, --prefix=""

Experiment running again but with a different --output_path.

The command supports the other way for the conversion as well. To test that, let us convert the recently converted json file but prefixing the resulting file name with a new_:

file_converter --conversion=json2csv --input_path=./sample_file.json --prefix="new_"

Notice the csv2json became json2csv in the --conversion attribute. Also, we should have a new_sample_file.csv with the same contents of the first.

Converting all files in a folder

If instead of a single file path you pass a folder in the --input_path parameter, the command will attempt to convert all files inside of it. Notice they all should have the same separator.

Experiment passing the current directory like

file_converter --conversion=csv2json --input_path=. --prefix="from_folder_"

If you followed the previous example, you should have two new json files starting with from_folder_.

Project details

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