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Root-agnostic filepath generation

Project description


The filepaths module is designed to ease file path navigation in python scripts. It is particularly useful for iterating through many files in a directory.



pip install filepaths


from filepaths import Root

paths = Root(__file__).paths()

for csv in


file=None: for default behavior pass in __file__
depth=0: how many levels up up from __file__ to start the walk down
ignore_hidden=True: whether or not to include hidden files/paths
alt_path=False: if desired, specify an absolute path to another directory instead of file=__file__


The Root object stores information to build the strings for the desired directories and paths. The paths() method returns a nested dictionary of files, directories and the paths to them as values to the keys. If needed, paths() can be called again to return an updated dictionary.

The .paths() method returns an addict dictionary. This dictionary inherits the standard dictionary class; it can be accessed with either root[data][files] or The keys of the dictionary are the names of the directories below the root directory, as well as ['files', 'dirs', 'path', filepaths'].

The keys 'files', 'dirs', 'path', and 'filepaths' are reserved for the dictionary: if there are directories with these names in any of the children directories, an error will be thrown.

The values to the mentioned keys are as follows:

  • root.example.path returns the absolute path to the example/ as a string.
  • root.example.dirs returns a list of the child directories in example/.
  • root.example.files returns a list of the filenames, as strings, for every file in example/.
  • root.example.filepaths returns a list of the absolute paths, as strings, to every file in example/.

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