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Python library to download historical data from

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Python client library to download data from


  • Contracts lookup by market categories, id, code, name or their combinations using a rich set of mathching options
  • Downloads data of any timeframe available on ranging from ticks to monthly resolution
  • Allows to download data for arbitrarily long intervals


  • pip install finam-export

Samples provided

  • samples/ - simply lists some contracts from every supported market
  • samples/ - downloads some data and prints it out
  • samples/ - shows how you can leverage lookup capabilities

Utility scripts

  • scripts/ - feature-rich standalone script to download finam's data
  • scripts/ - to quickly check what's availble on finam

Show me something working!

Here's the output

*** Current Russian ruble exchange rates ***
        <DATE>    <TIME>  <OPEN>  <HIGH>  <LOW>  <CLOSE>      <VOL>
2163  20200911  00:00:00   75.19   75.19  74.72    74.95  765709000
*** Current Brent Oil price ***
        <DATE>    <TIME>  <OPEN>  <HIGH>  <LOW>  <CLOSE>   <VOL>
4206  20200911  00:00:00   39.96   40.34  39.38    39.92  114897

and here's the code producing this output:

import logging

from finam import Exporter, Market, LookupComparator

Full-on example displaying up-to-date values of some important indicators

def main():
    exporter = Exporter()
    print('*** Current Russian ruble exchange rates ***')
    rub = exporter.lookup(name='USDRUB_TOD', market=Market.CURRENCIES)
    assert len(rub) == 1
    data =[0], market=Market.CURRENCIES)

    print('*** Current Brent Oil price ***')
    oil = exporter.lookup(name='Brent', market=Market.COMMODITIES,
    assert len(oil) == 1
    data =[0], market=Market.COMMODITIES)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Playing samples

If you have cloned it from github:

pip install -r ./requirements.txt
PYTHONPATH=. ./samples/

Technical details

  • Targeted to Linux/Mac
  • Uses pandas inside, all data returned is pandas DataFrames
  • Tested with python3.7+
  • Good tests coverage
  • Detailed logging of what's going on


  • clone the repo
  • pip install -r ./requirements.txt
  • run tests to ensure all is fine
  • nosetests
  • go ahead and enhance it!
  • don't forget to cover your changes with tests

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