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The handy Python web framework.

Project description is a WSGI micro-framework with the following development constraints:

  • Single file, no external dependency

  • Provide enough features to build a web application with minimal effort

  • Embed a compact template engine

  • Keep the module reasonably small

Main features:

  • Routing


  • Error handlers

  • File uploads

  • Static files

  • Fast template engine

  • Secure cookies

Disclaimer: this framework is intentionally limited. If you need a robust and scalable solution, look elsewhere.


from fiole import get, run_fiole

def index(request):
    return 'Hello World!'


See examples/ for more usages:

python examples

Online documentation.


Thank you to Daniel Lindsley (toastdriven) for itty, the itty-bitty web framework which helped me to kick-start the project.

Thank you to Andriy Kornatskyy (akorn) for his blazingly fast and elegant template library wheezy.template: it is the inspiration for the template engine of

The following projects were also a great source of ideas:

  • Werkzeug (HTTPHeaders and EnvironHeaders datastructures)

  • WebOb (parsing the Accept headers)

  • Bottle (embedding a simple template engine)

  • Jinja2 and Mako (common template engine syntax and features)

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