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Fast IP validator for bulk IP data.

Project description


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fipv (fast ip validator) is a python package build with C language. Simply it includes basic IP address validator functions as a C function, so works faster than others. Following C functions avaliable on this package:

  • ipv4
  • ipv4_cidr
  • ipv6
  • ipv6_cidr

Can be used on bulk IP data. You can find detailed test benchmark at below. Also see github pages for full package reference and documentation.


fipv can be installed easily with pip3. It requires Python 3.9+

$ pip3 install fipv


import fipv

# Basic C validation functions
True False True False

import fipv

# Validate bulk IPv4 data
ips = [''] * 1000000
valids = [ip for ip in ips if fipv.ipv4(ip)]

Test Benchmark (2021-10-07)

In this test, it was tested validation speed and average RAM usage with different python validators and different data types. Finally results saved to below table.

Test Duration: Used linux time command for determine execution time of script.
Avr. RAM Usage: Used linux ps command every 0.1 second and calculated RAM average.

:green_circle: Valid :red_circle: Invalid

Test ID Test Data Count Total Data Data Type Project Validation Duration Avr. RAM Usage (MB)
1 :green_circle: 500K 1M IPv4 validators 0m12,975s 85M
:red_circle: 500K ipaddress 0m2,007s 80M
N/A N/A fipv 0m0,635s 76M
2 :green_circle: 1M 2M IPv4 validators 0m25,682s 151M
:red_circle: 1M ipaddress 0m3,937s 154M
N/A N/A fipv 0m1,193s 150M
3 :green_circle: 500K 1M IPv4 CIDR validators 0m19,721s 96M
:red_circle: 500K ipaddress 0m8,662s 89M
N/A N/A fipv 0m0,909s 77M
4 :green_circle: 1M 2M IPv4 CIDR validators 0m39,457s 179M
:red_circle: 1M ipaddress 0m17,029s 174M
N/A N/A fipv 0m1,779s 174M
5 :green_circle: 500K 1M IPv6 validators 0m12,633s 96M
:red_circle: 500K ipaddress 0m2,802s 92M
N/A N/A fipv 0m0,684s 87M
6 :green_circle: 1M 2M IPv6 validators 0m26,449s 183M
:red_circle: 1M ipaddress 0m5,605s 177M
N/A N/A fipv 0m1,308s 172M
7 :green_circle: 500K 1M IPv6 CIDR validators 0m20,936s 99M
:red_circle: 500K ipaddress 0m10,778s 95M
N/A N/A fipv 0m0,958s 93M
8 :green_circle: 1M 2M IPv6 CIDR validators 0m51,382s 184M
:red_circle: 1M ipaddress 0m25,563s 184M
N/A N/A fipv 0m1,862s 168M


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