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Python SDK for Firebolt

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  • Requires Python >=3.8
  • pip install "firebolt-sdk>=1.0.0a1"


For reference and tutorials, see the Firebolt Python SDK reference.

Connection parameters

These parameters are used to connect to a Firebolt database:

  • account_name - name of firebolt account
  • client_id - credentials client id
  • cliend_secret - credentials client secret
  • database [Optional] - name of the database to connect to
  • engine_name [Optional] - name of the engine to connect to


See PEP-249 for the DB API reference and specifications. An example jupyter notebook is included to illustrate the use of the Firebolt API.

Special considerations

Cursor objects should not be shared between threads

Cursor is not thread-safe and should not be shared across threads. In a multi-threaded environment you can share a Connection, but each thread would need to keep its own Cursor. This corresponds to a thread safety 2 in the DBApi specification.

Some keywords are not allowed as SET parameters

cursor.execute("SET parameter=value")

This will error out if you try to set account_id, output_format, database, engine. These are special keywords that should not be set directly. To switch between databases and engines use USE DATABASE/ENGINE.

Optional features

Faster datetime with ciso8601

By default, firebolt-sdk uses datetime module to parse date and datetime values, which might be slow for a large amount of operations. In order to speed up datetime operations, it's possible to use ciso8601 package. In order to install firebolt-sdk with ciso8601 support, run pip install "firebolt-sdk[ciso8601]"




The Firebolt DB API is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 software license.

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