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Sqlalchemy adapter for Firebolt

Project description

SQLAlchemy and Firebolt


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The Firebolt dialect for SQLAlchemy. firebolt-sqlalchemy uses Firebolt's Python SDK which implements PEP 249.


Requires Python >=3.7.

pip install firebolt-sqlalchemy


Connection strings use the following structure:


engine_name is optional. If omitted, Firebolt will use the default engine for the database.

account_name is optional. If omitted a default account will be used for connection.



If a different account name is required, it can be specified in the connection string


To override the API URL (e.g. for dev testing):

export FIREBOLT_BASE_URL=<your_url>

If your password contains % or / characters they need to be sanitised as per

my_pass = "0920%/2"
import urllib.parse
new_pass = urllib.parse.quote_plus(my_pass)

Quick Start

import urllib.parse
from sqlalchemy import create_engine

password = urllib.parse.quote_plus("your_password_here")
engine = create_engine("firebolt://email@domain:" + password + "@sample_database/sample_engine")
connection = engine.connect()

connection.execute("CREATE FACT TABLE example(dummy int) PRIMARY INDEX dummy")
connection.execute("INSERT INTO example(dummy) VALUES (11)")
result = connection.execute("SELECT * FROM example")
for item in result.fetchall():

AsyncIO extension

import urllib.parse
from sqlalchemy import text
from sqlalchemy.ext.asyncio import create_async_engine

password = urllib.parse.quote_plus("your_password_here")
engine = create_async_engine("asyncio+firebolt://email@domain:" + password + "@sample_database/sample_engine")

async with engine.connect() as conn:

    await conn.execute(
        text(f"INSERT INTO example(dummy) VALUES (11)")

    result = await conn.execute(
        text(f"SELECT * FROM example")

await engine.dispose()


  1. Transactions are not supported since Firebolt database does not support them at this time.
  2. Parametrised calls to execute and executemany are not implemented.



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