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A simple script to convert FITS images to 3 x 3 stamps.

Project description

This is a simple script to convert FITS images to stamps.


usage: fits-to-stamps [-h] [--trimsec TRIMSEC] [--fitsext FITSEXT]
                      [--stampsize STAMPSIZE]
                      [--separatorwidth SEPARATORWIDTH] [--fitsglob FITSGLOB]
                      [--workers WORKERS]

convert a FITS to 3 x 3 stamps.

positional arguments:
  target                path to a single FITS file or a directory of FITS
                        files to convert

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --trimsec TRIMSEC     the FITS header keys containing the TRIMSEC section.
                        All of the keys in the CSV list provided will be
                        tried. default: TRIMSEC,DATASEC,TRIMSEC0
  --fitsext FITSEXT     the FITS extension number containing the image to work
                        on. default: automatic detection for normal and
                        .fits.fz files
  --stampsize STAMPSIZE
                        the individual stamp size in pixels. default: 256
  --separatorwidth SEPARATORWIDTH
                        the width of the separator lines between stamps in
                        pixels. default: 1
  --fitsglob FITSGLOB   the file glob to use to recognize FITS files in a
                        directory. default: *.fits*
  --workers WORKERS     number of parallel workers to operate on multiple FITS
                        files default: 8


This requires:

  • numpy
  • astropy
  • Pillow

Install it with pip from PyPI (preferably in a virtualenv, or use the --user flag):

pip [--user] install fits-to-stamps

Or to install the latest version.

pip [--user] install git+

Once the installation is done, you'll be able to execute the script as fits-to-stamps if the virtualenv is active (or ~/.local/bin for pip --user installs is in your $PATH).

To use it without needing the virtualenv active all the time, add an alias to your ~/.bashrc:

alias fits-to-stamps="/path/to/your/virtualenv/bin/fits-to-stamps"

That should make it run with the correct Python interpreter in the virtualenv.


This is provided under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for the full text.

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