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Grok-like layer for Zope 2

Project description


five.grok is a development layer for Zope 2, based on Grok framework concepts.

The development techniques are similar to the ones used with Grok framework.

It is based on grokcore namespace packages that were factored out of Grok framework.

Implemented features

Coming from Grok, the following components are available to Zope 2 developers:

  • Zope 3 Component (Adapter, Utility, Subscribers),

  • Permissions,

  • Views,

  • Page Templates (using the Zope 2 Page Templates),

  • Formlib forms.

All those components are available with exactly the same syntax than in grok. You just have to do:

from five import grok

Instead of:

import grok

More information

You can refer to the Grok website:, and the Grok documentation:

You can check the doctest included in sources as well.

Changelog for five.grok

five.grok - 1.0a1 (2008/10/22)

  • Added support for formlib forms with grokcore.formlib. [thefunny42]

  • Added support for static resource directory. [thefunny42]

  • Added support for inline templates and made Zope 2 template semantics the default when doing ‘from five import grok’ and using grok.PageTemplate. [optilude]

  • Added override to make templates use Five’s ViewPageTemplateFile instead of the one from [optilude]

  • Added grokcore.view support with tests. [regebro, jfroche, gotcha et al.]

  • Added tests for grok.subscriber directive. [kamon]

  • Initial release (tests for adapters and utilities, initial support for views). [regebro, gotcha]

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