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Build fixtures from a single source

Project description


$ pip install fixturebuilder


# define the data structure to be worked on
start_data = {
    'prop1': 'value1',
    'prop2': 'value2',
    'dict1': {
        'dictprop1': 'dictvalue1'
    'list1': [
    'list2': [
        {'listdictprop1': 'listdictprop1', 'listdictlist1': ['listdictlistvalue1']}

# initialize a new builder
builder = FixtureBulder.create(start_data)

# retrieve the data unchanged
test_data1 =

# set a new value on a property and retrieve the updated data
test_data2 = builder.set('prop1', 1).data

# do complex manipulation on the start_data and retrieve the modified data
test_data3 = builder
    .with_dict('dict1')  # descend into 'dict1' and work on it's properties
        .set('dictprop1', 12)
        .set('newlist', ['value'])
        .add('newlist', 'additional value')  # add a new value to a list
        .set('newdict', {'someprop': 'some value'})
            .set('someprop', 'change previously created value')
        .done()  # finish working on 'newdict' and return to 'dict1'
    .done()  # finish working on 'dict1' and return to the root

test_data4 = builder
    .duplicate_last_list_entry('list2')  # append a duplicated dict to the list
    .with_dict_list_element('list2')     # descend into the last list element to work on it's properties
        .add('listdictlist1', 'new value1')
        .set('listdictprop1', False)
    .done()  # finish working on the list element and return to the root

# retrieve the original unmodified data
original_data =

# setting new property raises an error
builder.set('newprop', 'newvalue')

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