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Command line based argument parse framework.

Project description


pip3 install throttle


import flagopt

usage = '-x [spot] -y [spot]'

flags = flagopt.trace(usage)

content = '-x C -y 7'

args = flagopt.snip(flags, content)

print('hit at', args['-x'], args['-y'])


import flagopt

flags = {
  '-move': {
    '-x': 'distance',
    '-y': 'distance'
  '-craft': 'recipe',
  '-scavenge': {
    '-target': 'resource',
    '-finish': {
      '-time': 'hours',
      '-time': 'amount'
  '-rest': 'hours',
  '-target': 'human | animal'

# show how to use this
usage = flagopt.draw(flags)

content = (
  # move right linearly
  '-move -x 10 '
  # then move diagonally right and down;
  # no need to explicitly pass the first flag (-x)
  '-move 5 -y -5 '
  # backslash is used as an escape character;
  # -target will be ignored during the first parse scan
  # and the backslash will be removed so that -target can
  # be considered during the next scan for -scavenge;
  # multiple backslashed can be used to achieve other
  # amounts of iterations for this effect
  '-scavenge \-target wood '
  # arguments can be passed multiple times (-time);
  # scavenge for 3 hours and 60 more wood after that
  '-finish -time 3 -limit 60 '
  # or until 5 hours have passed
  '-finish -time 5'
  # rest for 4 hours, craft a tent, rest for another 3;
  # there is no space between 5 and -rest (line above);
  # spaces do not matter for flags and are stripped away
  # unless there is an escape character before / after
  '-rest 4      '
  # you can pass empty flags,
  # their presence is indicated with an empty string
  '--debug '
  # im bad at coming up with examples
  '-craft spear '
  # especially when they involve games
  '-target rabbit '
  # time to sleep now
  '-rest 3'

args = flagopt.snip(flags, content)

moves = args.getall('-move')


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