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Plugin to lint various issues in code.

Project description


A flake8 plugin to detect bad practices in projects. This plugin is based on flake8-django.


Install from pip with:

$ pip install flake8-jungle

pre-commit example

  - repo:
    rev: 4.0.1
      - id: flake8
        additional_dependencies: ['flake8-jungle==VERSION']
        args: ['--max-condition-complexity=8']

List of Rules

Rule Description Configuration
JG02 Do not use exclude attribute in ModelForm, list all items explicitly in fields attribute instead.
JG04 Exceptions should never pass silently, add logging or comment at least.
JG05 Condition is too complex which makes it hard to understand. --max-condition-complexity
JG06 Function is too long. --max-function-length
JG07 Model is too long, split it into services, selectors, or utilities. --max-model-length
JG08 Function or method contains local imports, which should be mostly avoided. If you are trying to fix curcular dependency issues, the design probably has some flaws, you should consider refactoring instead.
JG10 Too much patching in tests. Consider changing your design to utilize Dependency Injection and fakes. --max-patches-in-test
JG11 Please use structlog and follow the correct logging style:"snake_case_message.with_dots", key="value").

The following rules are disabled by default:

Rule Description Configuration
JG01 The order of the model's inner classes, methods, and fields does not follow the Django Style Guide.
JG03 Avoid using null=True on string-based fields such as CharField and TextField.
JG09 Incorrect logging format, please use the following syntax:"MESSAGE %(arg1)s", {"arg1": "value1"}).

To enable optional rules you can use the --select parameter. It's default values are: E,F,W,C90.

For example, if you wanted to enable JG10, you could call flake8 in the following way:

flake8 --select=E,F,W,C90,JG,JG10


flake8-jungle uses pytest for tests. To run them use:

$ poetry install
$ poetry run pytest tests

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