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Flake8 plugin that checks Python code against a set of opinionated style rules

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Flake8 plugin that checks Python code against a set of opinionated style rules.

Compatible with Python 2.7, 3.3+, PyPy 2.6+ and PyPy 2.4+.

PyPI page:

GitHub page:

To install using PyPI and pip::

pip install flake8-strict

Error codes

* ``S100``: First argument on the same line
* ``S101``: Multi-line construct missing trailing comma


* only source code without print statements is supported, this means:

* all valid Python 3 code
* Python 2 code with ``print_function`` enabled

* the existing checks are quite basic, they'll be improved and new
ones will added
* line/column numbers are off currently
* code like this will cause a parsing error (lib2to3.pgen2.parse.ParseError:
bad input)::

x for x in range(1),

It's ironic but the trailing comma is the issue here, without it parsing
works ok::

x for x in range(1)

This is a limitation of the underlying parser library and is unlikely to
be fixed in near future. Suggested workaround: wrap the generator in
parentheses, like this::

(x for x in range(1)),

If the function being called is dict or set the function calls can be
replaced with dict and set comprehensions therefore avoiding the issue

Versioning and backwards compatibility

Below 1.0.0: no guarantees.
Above 1.0.0, given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH:

* MAJOR is updated when backwards incompatible changes happen
* MINOR is updated when a new, backwards compatible, features are introduced
* PATCH is updated when a backwards compatible bug fixes are applied



* Fix blib2to3 import


* Use custom lib2to3 for better support for Python 3.6+
* Fix trailing comma after *args/**kwargs for Python 3.6+
* Allow usage of Python 3.6 features (e.g f-strings) without crashing


* Fixed elements inside class definition not being linted correctly (issue #36)


* Revert previous change (0.1.7) due to a lib2to3 issue.


* Fixed trailing comma after *args/**kwargs for Python 3.6+ (issue #25)


* Fixed decorator arguments not being linted.
* Fixed multiline imports not being linted.
* Fixed class definitions not being linted.


* Fixed UnicodeDecodeError if file contains non-ascii symbols (issue #22)
* Fixed error if newline is omitted from end of file (issue #18)
* Fixed erroneous comma suggested when unpacking function parameter (issue #21)


* Fixed handling of one-element lists (


* Fixed reading from stdin
* Fixed not being able to run when pycodestyle, not pep8, is installed (pep8
has been renamed to pycodestyle and flake8 2.6.0+ doesn't trigger pep8
installation anymore)
* Added support for set, list and dict literals and comprehensions
* Function calls with single, multi-line arguments are now treated more reasonably


* Fixed a "ValueError: need more than 2 values to unpack" error (GitHub issue #1).
* Fixed handling argument lists with keyword-only arguments
(compatibility with PEP 3102), this now doesn't raise S101 in this
case as it would be a syntax error.


* Fixed few ``AttributeError: 'Node' object has no attribute 'lineno'`` errors


First release


Copyright (C) 2015 Smarkets Limited <>

This module is released under the MIT License: (or see the LICENSE file)

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