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Token blacklist flask extension

Project description



It's a Flask extension designed to work with flask_sqlalchemy and flask_pratorian to blacklist tokens!

It stores blacklisted JWT's jti value in an in-memory store, allowing blacklist checks without database calls. However, when a token is blacklisted, it is also persisted to the database.


  • Emulate a redis store without actually using redis! 👍
    • This is almost certainly slower than redis (It's python, after all).
  • Why not, it's an excuse to get to know flask and associated libraries a little bit better. 👍


You are using a virtualenv, right?

pip install flask-blacklist

Then in your app factory function, initialize Blacklist after you've initialized your ORM.

# In global scope
from flask_blacklist import Blacklist, is_blacklisted
db = SQLAlchemy()
guard = Praetorian()
bl = Blacklist()

# In the app factory function
app = Flask(__name__)

from app.models import Token, User
bl.init_app(app, Token) # Initialize after your ORM

# is_blacklisted is a helper function that Praetorian uses to determine if a token has been blacklisted
guard.init_app(app, User, is_blacklisted)  

The Token database model needs to have two different class methods:

  • Token.blacklist_jti
    • Takes a single parameter, which is the jti string extracted from a JWT
    • This method calll persist the blacklisted jti string to your database.
  • Token.get_blacklisted
    • Should return a list of already blacklisted tokens from the database
    • The tokens returns should have a jti attribute containing string extracted from the token you want to blacklist

Then, in the route that needs to invalidate the token:

@auth_blueprint.route("/v1/auth/token", methods=["DELETE"])
def invalidate_token():
    token = guard.read_token_from_header()
    jti = guard.extract_jwt_token(token)["jti"]
    rv, code = {"success": True, "message": "token invalidated"}, 200
    return jsonify(rv), code

Copyright 2019 Alexander Potts, MIT license.

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