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Simple and Extensible Error Monitor framework for Flask

Project description

Full featured error monitor app for Flask


Flask-Error-Monitor is a batteries-included, simple-to-use Flask extension that lets you add error recording interfaces to Flask applications. It’s implemented in such a way that the developer has total control of the resulting application.

Out-of-the-box, Flask-Error-Monitor plays nicely with various ORM’s, including

It also boasts a simple Model management interface.

The biggest feature of Flask-Error-Monitor is flexibility. To start off with you can create a very simple application in no time, with exception monitor enabled, but then you can go further and customize different aspects.

Flask-Error-Monitor is an active project, well-tested and production ready.


To install Flask-Error-Monitor, simply:

pip install flask-error-monitor.git


  • Sensitive data( like password, secret ) Masking

  • Record all the frames ( frame data are stored in JSON format so that it can be analyzed later)

  • Unique URL generation

  • Number of times the exception occurred and first/last time of exception

  • Sending emails with exception details

  • Record different types of exception like 500 or 404 etc

  • Raise or update ticket in Jira/Bugzilla etc by ticketing interface.


  • App configuration


from flask import Flask
from flask_mail import Mail
import settings
from flask_error_monitor import AppErrorMonitor
from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy
app = Flask(__name__)
db = SQLAlchemy(app)
class MyMailer(Mail, NotificationMixin):
    def notify(self, message, exception):
mail = MyMailer(app=app)
error_monitor = AppErrorMonitor(app=app, db=db, notifier=mail)


# Record exception when 404 error code is raised
def error_403(e):
    # any custom logic

# Record error using decorator
def error_500(e):
    # some custom logic


This has got extensive document browse at

All docs are in docs/source

And if you want to preview any .rst snippets that you may want to contribute, go to


Several usage examples are included in the /tests folder. Please feel free to add your own examples, or improve on some of the existing ones, and then submit them via GitHub as a pull-request.

You can see some of these examples in action at To run the examples on your local environment, one at a time, do something like:

cd flask-error-monitor
python examples/simple/


Test are run with nose. If you are not familiar with this package you can get some more info from their website.

To run the tests, from the project directory, simply:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

You should see output similar to:

Ran 29 tests in 1.144s



You’re most welcome to raise pull request or fixes.

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