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Flask-Rebar combines flask, marshmallow, and swagger for robust REST services.

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Flask-Rebar combines flask, marshmallow, and swagger for robust REST services.


  • Request and Response Validation - Flask-Rebar relies on schemas from the popular Marshmallow package to validate incoming requests and marshal outgoing responses.

  • Automatic Swagger Generation - The same schemas used for validation and marshaling are used to automatically generate OpenAPI specifications (a.k.a. Swagger). This also means automatic documentation via Swagger UI.

  • Error Handling - Uncaught exceptions from Flask-Rebar are converted to appropriate HTTP errors.


from flask import Flask
from flask_rebar import errors, Rebar
from marshmallow import fields, Schema

from my_app import database

rebar = Rebar()

# All handler URL rules will be prefixed by '/v1'
registry = rebar.create_handler_registry(prefix='/v1')

class TodoSchema(Schema):
    id = fields.Integer()
    complete = fields.Boolean()
    description = fields.String()

# This schema will validate the incoming request's query string
class GetTodosQueryStringSchema(Schema):
    complete = fields.Boolean()

# This schema will marshal the outgoing response
class GetTodosResponseSchema(Schema):
    data = fields.Nested(TodoSchema, many=True)

    response_body_schema=GetTodosResponseSchema(), # for versions <= 1.7.0, use marshal_schema
def get_todos():
    This docstring will be rendered as the operation's description in
    the auto-generated OpenAPI specification.
    # The query string has already been validated by `query_string_schema`
    complete = rebar.validated_args.get('complete')


    # Errors are converted to appropriate HTTP errors
    raise errors.Forbidden()


    # The response will be marshaled by `marshal_schema`
    return {'data': []}

def create_app(name):
    app = Flask(name)
    return app

if __name__ == '__main__':

For a more complete example, check out the example app at examples/ Some example requests to this example app can be found at examples/


pip install flask-rebar


More extensive documentation can be found here.


Flask-Rebar is extensible! Here are some open source extensions:


There is still work to be done, and contributions are encouraged! Check out the contribution guide for more information.

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