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Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development with Flask

Project description

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Flask-RESTPlus is an extension for Flask that adds support for quickly building REST APIs. Flask-RESTPlus encourages best practices with minimal setup. If you are familiar with Flask, Flask-RESTPlus should be easy to pick up. It provides a coherent collection of decorators and tools to describe your API and expose its documentation properly using Swagger.


Flask-RestPlus requires Python 2.7 or 3.4+.


You can install Flask-Restplus with pip:

$ pip install flask-restplus

or with easy_install:

$ easy_install flask-restplus

Quick start

With Flask-Restplus, you only import the api instance to route and document your endpoints.

from flask import Flask
from flask_restplus import Api, Resource, fields

app = Flask(__name__)
api = Api(app, version='1.0', title='TodoMVC API',
    description='A simple TodoMVC API',

ns = api.namespace('todos', description='TODO operations')

todo = api.model('Todo', {
    'id': fields.Integer(readOnly=True, description='The task unique identifier'),
    'task': fields.String(required=True, description='The task details')

class TodoDAO(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.counter = 0
        self.todos = []

    def get(self, id):
        for todo in self.todos:
            if todo['id'] == id:
                return todo
        api.abort(404, "Todo {} doesn't exist".format(id))

    def create(self, data):
        todo = data
        todo['id'] = self.counter = self.counter + 1
        return todo

    def update(self, id, data):
        todo = self.get(id)
        return todo

    def delete(self, id):
        todo = self.get(id)

DAO = TodoDAO()
DAO.create({'task': 'Build an API'})
DAO.create({'task': '?????'})
DAO.create({'task': 'profit!'})

class TodoList(Resource):
    '''Shows a list of all todos, and lets you POST to add new tasks'''
    def get(self):
        '''List all tasks'''
        return DAO.todos

    @ns.marshal_with(todo, code=201)
    def post(self):
        '''Create a new task'''
        return DAO.create(api.payload), 201

@ns.response(404, 'Todo not found')
@ns.param('id', 'The task identifier')
class Todo(Resource):
    '''Show a single todo item and lets you delete them'''
    def get(self, id):
        '''Fetch a given resource'''
        return DAO.get(id)

    @ns.response(204, 'Todo deleted')
    def delete(self, id):
        '''Delete a task given its identifier'''
        return '', 204

    def put(self, id):
        '''Update a task given its identifier'''
        return DAO.update(id, api.payload)

if __name__ == '__main__':


The documentation is hosted on Read the Docs



  • Ensure basePath is always a path

0.12.1 (2018-09-28)

  • Fix missing changelog inprevious release

  • Ensure definitions with both $ref and description (or other property) output is valid (using allOf)

  • Added initial specifications schemas and validation support

  • Ensure empty enums are not serialized (to have a valid specification)

0.12.0 (2018-09-27)

  • Fix Namespace decorators (#475)

  • Do not serialize empty tags descriptions

  • Ensure consumes is properly set when using form parameters on classes

  • Ensure parameters are not duplicated (#164, #196, #234)

  • Publish sources distribution (#500, #515)

  • Fix late resources registeration (#483)

  • Don’t include namespaces without resources to the SWAGGER documentation (#470)

  • Add support for checkbox validation input + consistent behavior between inputs and fields. (#461)

  • Fix missing enum34 dependency (#444)

0.11.0 (2018-05-16)

  • Add authorizations parsing to namespace (#403)

  • Add vendor extensions support (#97)

  • RequestParser arguments now support the split action

  • Ensure default boolean value as False works with RequestParser (#199)

  • Schema errors are not longuer hidden by AttributeError: Api does not have __schema__ attribute (#194)

  • Add a new URL validator, more flexible and precise.

  • Fix error bundling (#175, #144)

  • Help message is now added to source error message instead of string interpolation (#147)

  • Use pytest instead of nosetests

  • Upgrade to Swagger-UI 3.4.0

  • Fix typo in comments

  • Add an optional key argument, skip_none, in marshal_with and marshal

  • Fix masks not working correctly with Python 2.7 (#217)

  • Fixed typos in doc/scaling

  • Add docs for allow_null and Nested

  • Add Namespace.payload

  • Breaking: everything is unordered by default because ordering has a serious impact on performances:
    • Api and Namespace now accept an optionnal ordered parameter

    • marshal_with and marshal now accept an optionnal ordered parameter

Breaking changes

  • Drop python 2.6 support

  • Improve header handling (#119):
    • @api.header only document response headers on all responses

    • @api.response accept an optionnal headers argument to document response specific headers

    • request header are handled by the @api.expect decorator

0.10.1 (2017-03-04)

  • Fix a typo in __init__ breaking from flask_restplus import * (#242)

  • Basic support for custom URL converters (#243)

  • Support custom response classes inheriting from BaseResponse (#245)

  • Allow models to preserve order (#135)

0.10.0 (2017-02-12)

  • Allows to specify a custom mount path on namespace registration

  • Allow to express models as raw schemas

  • Upgraded to Swagger-UI 2.2.6

  • Support Swagger-UI translations

  • Fix prefix trailing slash stripping in Postman doc generation (#232)

  • Add validation for lists in the expect decorator (#231)

0.9.2 (2016-04-22)

  • Same version but a PyPI bug force reupload.

0.9.1 (2016-04-22)

  • Added some Swagger-UI Oauth configurations:



  • Expose type: object in Swagger schemas (#157)

  • Fix an issue with error handlers (#141)

  • Fix an issue with Postman export when using OAuth (#151)

  • Miscellenaous code and documentation fixes

  • Remove last flask-restful references (unless needed) and add missing attributions

0.9.0 (2016-02-22)

  • Make Namespace behave like Blueprint for Flask

  • Deprecated parser and body parameters for expect in doc decorator

  • Deprecated Model.extend in favor of Model.clone

  • Added the param decorator

  • Honour method restrictions in Swagger documentation (#93)

  • Improved documentation

0.8.6 (2015-12-26)

  • Handle callable on API infos

  • Handle documentation on error handlers

  • Drop/merge flask_restful flask_restful.RequestParser

  • Handle RequestParser into expect decorator

  • Handle schema for inputs parsers

  • Added some inputs:
    • email

    • ip

    • ipv4

    • ipv6

0.8.5 (2015-12-12)

  • Handle mask on Polymorph field

  • Handle mask on inherited models

  • Replace flask_restful.abort by flask_restplus.errors.abort

  • Replace flask_restful.unpack by flask_restplus.utils.unpack

  • Breaking changes:
    • Renamed ApiModel into Model

    • Renamed ApiNamespace into Namespace

0.8.4 (2015-12-07)

  • Drop/merge flask_restful.Resource resolving a recursion problem

  • Allow any callable as field default, min, max

  • Added Date field

  • Improve error handling for inconsistent masks

  • Handle model level default mask

  • support colons and dashes in mask field names

  • Breaking changes:
    • Renamed exceptions module into errors

    • Renamed RestException into RestError

    • Renamed MarshallingException into MarshallingError

    • DateTime field always output datetime

0.8.3 (2015-12-05)

  • Drop/merge flask-restful fields

  • Drop/merge flask-restplus inputs

  • Update Swagger-UI to version 2.1.3

  • Use minified version of Swagger-UI if DEBUG=False

  • Blueprint subdomain support (static only)

  • Added support for default fields mask

0.8.2 (2015-12-01)

  • Skip unknown fields in mask when applied on a model

  • Added * token to fields mask (all remaining fields)

  • Ensure generated endpoints does not collide

  • Drop/merge flask-restful Api.handler_error()

0.8.1 (2015-11-27)

  • Refactor Swagger UI handling:
    • allow to register a custom view with @api.documentation

    • allow to register a custom URL with the doc parameter

    • allow to disable documentation with doc=False

  • Added fields mask support through header (see: Fields Masks Documentation)

  • Expose flask_restful.inputs module on flask_restplus.inputs

  • Added support for some missing fields and attributes:
    • host root field (filed only if SERVER_NAME config is set)

    • custom tags root field

    • exclusiveMinimum and exclusiveMaximum number field attributes

    • multipleOf number field attribute

    • minLength and maxLength string field attributes

    • pattern string field attribute

    • minItems and maxItems list field attributes

    • uniqueItems list field attribute

  • Allow to override the default error handler

  • Fixes


  • Added payload validation (initial implementation based on jsonschema)

  • Added @api.deprecated to mark resources or methods as deprecated

  • Added @api.header decorator shortcut to document headers

  • Added Postman export

  • Fix compatibility with flask-restful 0.3.4

  • Allow to specify an exemple a custom fields with __schema_example__

  • Added support for PATCH method in Swagger UI

  • Upgraded to Swagger UI 2.1.2

  • Handle enum as callable

  • Allow to configure docExpansion with the SWAGGER_UI_DOC_EXPANSION parameter


  • Compatibility with flask-restful 0.3.3

  • Fix action=append handling in RequestParser

  • Upgraded to SwaggerUI 2.1.8-M1

  • Miscellaneous fixes


  • Fix @api.marshal_with_list() keyword arguments handling.


  • Expose models and fields schema through the __schema__ attribute

  • Drop support for model as class

  • Added @api.errorhandler() to register custom error handlers

  • Added @api.response() shortcut decorator

  • Fix list nested models missing in definitions


  • Python 2.6 support

  • Experimental polymorphism support (single inheritance only)
    • Added Polymorph field

    • Added discriminator attribute support on String fields

    • Added api.inherit() method

  • Added ClassName field


  • Fix for parameter with schema (do not set type=string)


  • Allow shorter syntax to set operation id: @api.doc('my-operation')

  • Added a shortcut to specify the expected input model: @api.expect(my_fields)

  • Added title attribute to fields

  • Added @api.extend() to extend models

  • Ensure coherence between required and allow_null for NestedField

  • Support list of primitive types and list of models as body

  • Upgraded to latest version of Swagger UI

  • Fixes


  • Rename apidoc blueprint into restplus_doc to avoid collisions


  • Added SWAGGER_VALIDATOR_URL config parameter

  • Added readonly field parameter

  • Upgraded to latest version of Swagger UI


  • Port to Flask-Restful 0.3+

  • Use the default Blueprint/App mecanism

  • Allow to hide some ressources or methods using @api.doc(False) or @api.hide

  • Allow to globally customize the default operationId with the default_id callable parameter


  • Switch to Swagger 2.0 (Major breakage)
    • notes documentation is now description

    • nickname documentation is now id

    • new responses declaration format

  • Added missing body parameter to document body input

  • Last release before Flask-Restful 0.3+ compatibility switch


  • Handle description and required attributes on fields.List


  • Fix custom fields registeration


  • Fix model list in declaration


  • Allow to type custom fields with Api.model

  • Handle custom fields into fieds.List


  • Upgraded to SwaggerUI 0.2.22

  • Support additional field documentation attributes: required, description, enum, min, max and default

  • Initial support for model in RequestParser


  • Fix Api.marshal() shortcut


  • Added Api.marshal_with() and Api.marshal_list_with() decorators

  • Added Api.marshal() shortcut


  • Use zip_safe=False for proper packaging.


  • Initial release

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