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Helpers, syntaxic sugar and Swagger documentation for Flask-Restful

Project description

Flask RestPlus

Flask-RestPlus provides syntaxic sugar, helpers and automatically generated `Swagger`_ documentation on top of `Flask-Restful`_.


Flask-RestPlus requires Python 2.7+.


You can install Flask-Restplus with pip:


$ pip install flask-restplus

or with easy_install:


$ easy_install flask-restplus

Quick start

With Flask-Restplus, you only import the api instance to route and document your endpoints.


from flask import Flask
from flask_restplus import Api, Resource, fields

app = Flask(__name__)
api = Api(app, version='1.0', title='Todo API',
description='A simple TODO API extracted from the original flask-restful example',

ns = api.namespace('todos', description='TODO operations')

'todo1': {'task': 'build an API'},
'todo2': {'task': '?????'},
'todo3': {'task': 'profit!'},

todo = api.model('Todo', {
'task': fields.String(required=True, description='The task details')

listed_todo = api.model('ListedTodo', {
'id': fields.String(required=True, description='The todo ID'),
'todo': fields.Nested(todo, description='The Todo')

def abort_if_todo_doesnt_exist(todo_id):
if todo_id not in TODOS:
api.abort(404, "Todo {} doesn't exist".format(todo_id))

parser = api.parser()
parser.add_argument('task', type=str, required=True, help='The task details', location='form')

@api.response(404, 'Todo not found')
@api.doc(params={'todo_id': 'The Todo ID'})
class Todo(Resource):
'''Show a single todo item and lets you delete them'''
@api.doc(description='todo_id should be in {0}'.format(', '.join(TODOS.keys())))
def get(self, todo_id):
'''Fetch a given resource'''
return TODOS[todo_id]

@api.response(204, 'Todo deleted')
def delete(self, todo_id):
'''Delete a given resource'''
del TODOS[todo_id]
return '', 204

def put(self, todo_id):
'''Update a given resource'''
args = parser.parse_args()
task = {'task': args['task']}
TODOS[todo_id] = task
return task

class TodoList(Resource):
'''Shows a list of all todos, and lets you POST to add new tasks'''
def get(self):
'''List all todos'''
return [{'id': id, 'todo': todo} for id, todo in TODOS.items()]

@api.marshal_with(todo, code=201)
def post(self):
'''Create a todo'''
args = parser.parse_args()
todo_id = 'todo%d' % (len(TODOS) + 1)
TODOS[todo_id] = {'task': args['task']}
return TODOS[todo_id], 201

if __name__ == '__main__':


The documentation is hosted `on Read the Docs <>`_

.. _Swagger:
.. _Flask-Restful:


0.8.4 (2015-12-07)

- Drop/merge `flask_restful.Resource` resolving a recursion problem
- Allow any `callable` as field `default`, `min`, `max`...
- Added :class:`~flask_restplus.fields.Date`
- Improve error handling for inconsistent masks
- Handle model level default mask
- support colons and dashes in mask field names
- **Breaking changes**:
- Renamed `exceptions` module into `errors`
- Renamed `RestException` into :class:`~flask_restplus.errors.RestError`
- Renamed `MarshallingException` into :class:`~flask_restplus.fields.MarshallingError`
- :class:`~flask_restplus.fields.DateTime` field always output datetime

0.8.3 (2015-12-05)

- Drop/merge flask-restful fields
- Drop/merge flask-restplus inputs
- Update Swagger-UI to version 2.1.3
- Use minified version of Swagger-UI if ``DEBUG=False``
- Blueprint subdomain support (static only)
- Added support for default fields mask

0.8.2 (2015-12-01)

- Skip unknown fields in mask when applied on a model
- Added `*` token to fields mask (all remaining fields)
- Ensure generated endpoints does not collide
- Drop/merge flask-restful `Api.handler_error()`

0.8.1 (2015-11-27)

- Refactor Swagger UI handling:
- allow to register a custom view with ``@api.documentation``
- allow to register a custom URL with the ``doc`` parameter
- allow to disable documentation with ``doc=False``
- Added fields mask support through header (see: `Fields Masks Documentation`_)
- Expose ``flask_restful.inputs`` module on ``flask_restplus.inputs``
- Added support for some missing fields and attributes:
- ``host`` root field (filed only if ``SERVER_NAME`` config is set)
- custom ``tags`` root field
- ``exclusiveMinimum`` and ``exclusiveMaximum`` number field attributes
- ``multipleOf`` number field attribute
- ``minLength`` and ``maxLength`` string field attributes
- ``pattern`` string field attribute
- ``minItems`` and ``maxItems`` list field attributes
- ``uniqueItems`` list field attribute
- Allow to override the default error handler
- Fixes


- Added payload validation (initial implementation based on jsonschema)
- Added ``@api.deprecated`` to mark resources or methods as deprecated
- Added ``@api.header`` decorator shortcut to document headers
- Added Postman export
- Fix compatibility with flask-restful 0.3.4
- Allow to specify an exemple a custom fields with ``__schema_example__``
- Added support for ``PATCH`` method in Swagger UI
- Upgraded to Swagger UI 2.1.2
- Handle enum as callable
- Allow to configure ``docExpansion`` with the ``SWAGGER_UI_DOC_EXPANSION`` parameter


- Compatibility with flask-restful 0.3.3
- Fix action=append handling in RequestParser
- Upgraded to SwaggerUI 2.1.8-M1
- Miscellaneous fixes


- Fix ``@api.marshal_with_list()`` keyword arguments handling.


- Expose models and fields schema through the ``__schema__`` attribute
- Drop support for model as class
- Added ``@api.errorhandler()`` to register custom error handlers
- Added ``@api.response''`` shortcut decorator
- Fix list nested models missing in definitions


- Python 2.6 support
- Experimental polymorphism support (single inheritance only)
- Added ``Polymorph`` field
- Added ``discriminator`` attribute support on ``String`` fields
- Added ``api.inherit()`` method
- Added ``ClassName`` field


- Fix for parameter with schema (do not set type=string)


- Allow shorter syntax to set operation id: ``@api.doc('my-operation')``
- Added a shortcut to specify the expected input model: ``@api.expect(my_fields)``
- Added ``title`` attribute to fields
- Added ``@api.extend()`` to extend models
- Ensure coherence between ``required`` and ``allow_null`` for ``NestedField``
- Support list of primitive types and list of models as body
- Upgraded to latest version of Swagger UI
- Fixes


- Rename apidoc blueprint into restplus_doc to avoid collisions


- Added ``SWAGGER_VALIDATOR_URL`` config parameter
- Added ``readonly`` field parameter
- Upgraded to latest version of Swagger UI


- Port to Flask-Restful 0.3+
- Use the default Blueprint/App mecanism
- Allow to hide some ressources or methods using ``@api.doc(False)`` or ``@api.hide``
- Allow to globally customize the default operationId with the ``default_id`` callable parameter


- Switch to Swagger 2.0 (Major breakage)
- ``notes`` documentation is now ``description``
- ``nickname`` documentation is now ``id``
- new responses declaration format
- Added missing ``body`` parameter to document ``body`` input
- Last release before Flask-Restful 0.3+ compatibility switch


- Handle ``description`` and ``required`` attributes on ``fields.List``


- Fix custom fields registeration


- Fix model list in declaration


- Allow to type custom fields with ``Api.model``
- Handle custom fields into ``fieds.List``


- Upgraded to SwaggerUI 0.2.22
- Support additional field documentation attributes: ``required``, ``description``, ``enum``, ``min``, ``max`` and ``default``
- Initial support for model in RequestParser


- Fix ``Api.marshal()`` shortcut


- Added ``Api.marshal_with()`` and ``Api.marshal_list_with()`` decorators
- Added ``Api.marshal()`` shortcut


- Use ``zip_safe=False`` for proper packaging.


- Initial release

.. _Fields Masks Documentation:

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