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An extension to create image thumbnails on Amazon S3 (or on local storage) with the Flask framework, based on flask-thumbnails.

Project description

An extension to create image thumbnails on Amazon S3 (or on local storage) with the Flask framework, based on flask-thumbnails.


Install with pip:

Run pip install flask-thumbnails-s3

Add Thumbnail to your extension file:

from flask_thumbnails_s3 import Thumbnail

app = Flask(__name__)

thumb = Thumbnail(app)

Add MEDIA_FOLDER and MEDIA_URL in your settings, as well as various S3-related values:

app.config['MEDIA_FOLDER'] = '/home/www/media'
app.config['MEDIA_URL'] = '/media/'
app.config['THUMBNAIL_S3_STORAGE_TYPE'] = 's3'
app.config['THUMBNAIL_S3_BUCKET_NAME'] = 'bucket-foo'
app.config['THUMBNAIL_S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID'] = 'key-here'
app.config['THUMBNAIL_S3_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET'] = 'secret-here'
app.config['THUMBNAIL_S3_USE_HTTPS'] = True
app.config['THUMBNAIL_S3_STATIC_ROOT_PARENT'] = '/path/to/project/root/'

Example usage

Use in Jinja2 template:

<img src="{{ 'image.jpg'|thumbnail('200x200', storage_type='s3', bucket_name='bucket-foo') }}" alt="" />
<img src="{{ 'image.jpg'|thumbnail('200x200', crop='fit', quality=100) }}" alt="" />

For a complete, working Flask app that demonstrates flask-thumbnails-s3 in action, have a look at flask-s3-save-example.


crop='fit' returns a sized and cropped version of the image, cropped to the requested aspect ratio and size, read more.

quality=XX changes the quality of the output JPEG thumbnail, default 85.

Develop and Production


In production, you need to add media directory in you web server.


To service the uploaded files need a helper function, where /media/ your settings app.config['MEDIA_URL']:

from flask import send_from_directory

def media_file(filename):
    return send_from_directory(app.config['MEDIA_THUMBNAIL_FOLDER'], filename)

Option settings

If you want to store the thumbnail in a folder other than the MEDIA_FOLDER, you need to set it manually:

app.config['MEDIA_THUMBNAIL_FOLDER'] = '/home/www/media/cache'
app.config['MEDIA_THUMBNAIL_URL'] = '/media/cache/'


Much of the code here is based on flask-thumbnails by Dmitriy Sokolov:

Many thanks to the author and contributors of flask-thumbnails, for the foundation of this codebase, and for the generous license terms that allow forks like this.

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