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Adds lightweight request metrics to flask applications

Project description


Flask-view-counter is a simple addon for flask applications that lets you track pageloads. It requires flask-sqlalchemy (for now), so if you are already using it, you can get pageload metrics for free. Flask-view-counter provides a decorator for views that records information about the request. Additionally, tools for querying the generated data are provided. Display of the data is left as an exercise to the user, in order to keep dependencies (and the extension) as small and simple as possible. SQLAlchemy must of course be setup and configured properly.

Example usage

from flask import Flask
from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy
from flask_view_counter import ViewCounter

app = Flask(__name__)

db = SQLAlchemy(app)

view_counter = ViewCounter(app, db)

from app import routes

from app import app, view_counter

def index():
	return "Hello World"

Flask-view-counter will then record the decorated view, logging details about the user.

A word of caution, make sure you are decorating a view function, that is, the function which actually returns a valid wsgi response. The primary place you will encounter this is in calls to abort(). In this case, your "view" won't return anything at all, and instead the error handler will return the response. Consequently, if you want to know about this error (presumably you do!), then you must decorate a custom error handler function for that error code. I.E

def might400(yes):
	if yes == "yes":
		abort(400)  # When we abort here, viewcounter can't see what is 
					# happening, define a custom error handler if you want to
					# know about this
	return "OK!"

def bad_request(e):
	# with the error handler decorated, flask-view-counter will record this
	# error. You can use any of the return formats that flask allows.
	return render_template("400.html", error=e), 400

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