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A LaTeX math converter to unicode text

Project description

flatlatex is a basic converter from LaTeX math to human readable text math using unicode characters.

Basic example:

>>> import flatlatex
>>> c = flatlatex.converter()
>>> c.convert(
... (
...     r'\forall \eta>0\, \exists n\in\mathbb{N}\, \forall i>n\,'
...     r' |u_i-\mathcal{l}|<\eta'
... ))
'∀η>0 ∃n∈ℕ ∀i>n |uᵢ-𝓵|<η'

Commands can be added with LaTeX syntax:

>>> import flatlatex
>>> c = flatlatex.converter()
>>> c.add_newcommand(r'\newcommand\prob{\mathbb{P}}')
>>> c.add_newcommand(r'\newcommand\binom[2]{\frac{#2!}{#1!(#2-#1)!}}')
>>> c.convert(r'\prob(X=k)\,=\,\binom{k}{n}\times p^k(1-p)^{n-k}')
'ℙ(X=k) = (n!)/(k!(n-k)!)×pᵏ(1-p)ⁿ⁻ᵏ'

The behavior can be change:

>>> import flatlatex
>>> c = flatlatex.converter()
>>> c.convert(r'\frac{8}{9}')
>>> c.allow_zw = False
>>> c.convert(r'\frac{8}{9}')

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