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Development tools for template authors using Flexlate

Project description

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Development tools for template authors using Flexlate

Getting Started

Install flexlate-dev:

pip install flexlate-dev

A simple example:

import flexlate_dev

# Do something with flexlate_dev

See a more in-depth tutorial here.


See the documentation here.

Development Status

This project is currently in early-stage development. There may be breaking changes often. While the major version is 0, minor version upgrades will often have breaking changes.


Initial Setup

First, you need a couple global dependencies installed, see their documentation for details:

Note that these tools require a UNIX-style shell, such as bash or zsh. If you are on Windows, you can use WSL or Git Bash. If you are using Pycharm, you can configure the built-in terminal to use Git Bash.

Then clone the repo and run direnv allow. This will take a while on the first time to install the remaining dependencies.

Day to Day Development

Make your changes and then run just to run formatting, linting, and tests.

Develop documentation by running just docs to start up a dev server.

To run tests only, run just test. You can pass additional arguments to pytest, e.g. just test -k test_something.

Prior to committing, you can run just with no arguments to run all the checks.

Conventional Commits & Semantic Release

This project uses conventional commits to power semantic release. This means that when you commit, you should use the following format:

<type>[optional scope]: <description>

For example, feat: Add new feature or fix: Fix bug.

When creating a PR, please name the PR in this way as well so that the squashed commit from the PR will have a conventional commit message.

Pre-commit Hooks

This project uses Husky and Lint-staged to run pre-commit hooks. This means that when you commit, it will run just format and just strip on the files you edited, and also check that your commit message is a conventional commit.

If you are not able to commit, it is likely because your commit message is not in the conventional commit format.


Created by Nick DeRobertis. MIT License.

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