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🐍 Pythonic wrapper for Flexpool API v2

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Structured Python wrapper for API v2.


Install py-flexpoolapi-v2.

Using pip

pip3 install flexpoolapi-v2

Build from source

git clone
cd py-flexpoolapi-v2
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
sudo make install  # or `sudo python3 install`


Quick example:

>>> import flexpoolapi
>>> from flexpoolapi.utils import *

# Coins
>>> coins = flexpoolapi.poolapi.coins()
>>> coins[0].name
>>> coins[1].name

# ETH Pool
>>> eth_pool = flexpoolapi.pool("eth")
>>> format_hashrate(eth_pool.hashrate().total, "eth")
'11.2 TH/s'
>>> eth_pool.miner_count()
>>> eth_pool.worker_count()

# XCH Pool
>>> xch_pool = flexpoolapi.pool("xch")
>>> format_hashrate(xch_pool.hashrate().total, "xch")
'207.9 PB'
>>> xch_pool.miner_count()
>>> xch_pool.worker_count()

# ETH Miner
>>> eth_miner = flexpoolapi.miner("eth", eth_pool.top_miners()[0].address)
>>> format_decimals(eth_miner.balance().balance, "eth")
'1.01524 ETH'
>>> format_hashrate(eth_miner.stats().current_effective_hashrate, "eth")
'1.6 TH/s'

# XCH Miner
>>> xch_miner = flexpoolapi.miner("xch", xch_pool.top_miners()[0].address)
>>> format_decimals(xch_miner.balance().balance, "xch")
'0.1692 XCH'
>>> format_hashrate(xch_miner.stats().current_effective_hashrate, "xch")
'2.3 PB'

# Locate Address
>>> flexpoolapi.minerapi.locate_address(eth_pool.top_miners()[0].address)

For better understanding, I recommend reading the Flexpool APIv2 documentation. All variables/functions names were renamed from camelCase to snake_case.

Undocumented endpoints added

Miner API

  • /miner/details (GET)
  • /miner/payoutSettings (POST)
  • /miner/notificationSettings (POST)


MIT - Copyright (c) 2020 Flexpool

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