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Semi-automatic versioning for git users.

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# flowtool-versioning

Automatic versions from git tags.

This addon lets you deploy a small versioning framework into your python project, that integrates well with setuptools and probably also distutils.

The framework itself has no dependencies but python. It is verified-to-work with python 2.7 and 3.4 releases.

To test it out, run one of these commands: ` flowtool versioning-init flowtool versioning-update ` in a folder that contains a file named You will then be asked where the versionfile (that contains the version information) should be placed, and wether you want to include some default snippets into setup.cfg and to configure and use the version in your project. It will also create a file named next to your before giving you some information on how to wire things up in from there.

Once you have it wired into your (same process as [python-versioneer]( and created a tag with your chosen prefix (setup.cfg, prefix can be empty also) to bootstrap automatic versioning, you should be able to run: ` ./ # outputs the current version ./ version # get more detailed current version info ./ bump # create a new tag, with a minorly bumped version ./ sdist release # release is upload and git push + tags `

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