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Everything you always wanted to have in Python.*

Project description


**FlyingCircus** - Everything you always wanted to have in Python.\*

(\*But were afraid to write)

.. code::

_____ _ _ ____ _
| ___| |_ _(_)_ __ __ _ / ___(_)_ __ ___ _ _ ___
| |_ | | | | | | '_ \ / _` | | | | '__/ __| | | / __|
| _| | | |_| | | | | | (_| | |___| | | | (__| |_| \__ \
|_| |_|\__, |_|_| |_|\__, |\____|_|_| \___|\__,_|___/
|___/ |___/


This software provides a library of miscellaneous utilities for Python.
It is relatively easy to extend and users are encouraged to tweak with

Most of the code is used is used in a number of projects where it is tested
against real-life scenarios.

As a result of the code maturity, some of the library components may
undergo (eventually heavy) refactoring.
While this is not expected, this will be documented.
Please file a bug report if you detect an undocumented refactoring.

Releases information are available through ``NEWS.rst``.

For a more comprehensive list of changes see ``CHANGELOG.rst`` (automatically
generated from the version control system).


The package contain two main packages:
- ``utils``
- ``numeric``

The package ``utils`` contains a number of generic functions like
- ``multi_replace()``: performs multiple replacements in a string.
- ``flatten()``: recursively flattens nested iterables, e.g.
list of list of tuples to flat list).
- ``uniques()``: extract unique items from an iterable while
keeping the order of appearance.
- ``grouping``: generates a tuple of grouped items.

The package ``numeric`` (which requires both ``numpy`` and ``scipy``)
contains a number of numerical functions, typically
working on or generating ``numpy.ndarray`` inputs, like:
- ``sgnlogspace()``: generates logarithmically spaced samples between
signed start and stop endpoints.
- ``unsqueeze()``: add singletons to the shape of an array to
broadcast-match a given shape.
- ``subst()``: substitute all occurrences of a value in an array.

Additional packages may be added in the future.


The recommended way of installing the software is through
`PyPI <>`__:

.. code:: bash

$ pip install flyingcircus

Alternatively, you can clone the source repository from
`Bitbucket <>`__:

.. code:: bash

$ git clone
$ cd flyingcircus
$ pip install -e .

For more details see also ``INSTALL.rst``.


This work is licensed through the terms and conditions of the
`GPLv3+ <>`__ See the
accompanying ``LICENSE.rst`` for more details.


For a complete list of authors please see ``AUTHORS.rst``.

People who have influenced this work are acknowledged in ``THANKS.rst``.

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