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Library for fetching weather information from Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)

Project description

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Finnish Meteorological Institute Weather

Library for fetching weather information from Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).

Originally build for personal use because I wanted to create FMI integration for Home Assistant.

BETA WARNING! This is still under heavy development. The public API is not frozen yet so DO NOT consider it to be stable. Any version can have breaking changes.

How to use

Working example can be found in


$ pip install fmi-weather-client 

Get weather and forecasts

import fmi_weather_client

weather1 = fmi_weather_client.weather_by_coordinates(60.170998, 24.941325)
weather2 = fmi_weather_client.weather_by_place_name("Rastila, Helsinki")
forecast1 = fmi_weather_client.forecast_by_place_name("Jäppilä, Pieksämäki")
forecast2 = fmi_weather_client.forecast_by_coordinates(67.6894, 28.62406, timestep_hours=12)

There are also asynchronous versions available:

weather1 = await fmi_weather_client.async_weather_by_coordinates(60.170998, 24.941325)
weather2 = await fmi_weather_client.async_weather_by_place_name("Rastila, Helsinki")
forecast1 = await fmi_weather_client.async_forecast_by_place_name("Jäppilä, Pieksämäki")
forecast2 = await fmi_weather_client.async_forecast_by_coordinates(67.6894, 28.62406, timestep_hours=12)

If data is not available, the following exception is thrown:


Weather data

FMI provides the following commonly used information:

  • Temperature (°C)
  • Pressure (hPa)
  • Humidity (%)
  • Wind direction (°)
  • Wind speed (m/s)
  • Wind gust (m/s)
  • Dew point (°)
  • Cloud coverage (%)
  • Precipitation intensity (mm/h)
  • Symbol Documentation in Finnish

There are also other information available. Check and FMI documentation for more info.



Create and activate a virtual environment

$ python -m venv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate

Install required packages

$ make setup-dev-env

Deactivate virtual environment when you are done

$ deactivate

Run tests

This will run unit tests and code quality checks

$ make test

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