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Preprocessor for Foliant for generating history of releases.

Project description


History is a preprocessor that generates single linear history of releases for multiple Git repositories based on their changelogs.


$ pip install foliantcontrib.history


To enable the preprocessor, add history to preprocessors section in the project config:

    - history

The preprocessor has a number of options with the following default values:

- history:
    repos: []
    revision: master
    title: History of Releases
    source_heading_level: 1
    target_top_level: 1
    date_format: year_first
    link: False
    limit: 0

repos : List of URLs of Git repositories that it’s necessary to generate history for.



revision : Revision or branch name to use. Branches that are used for stable releases must have the same names in all listed repositories.

changelog : Path to changelog file. Changelogs must be located at the same paths in all listed repositories.

title : Content of the top-level heading of the history.

source_heading_level : Level of headings that precede descriptions of releases in the source Markdown content. It must be the same for all listed repositories.

target_top_level : Level of the heading that contains title in the target Markdown content of generated history.

date_format : Output date format. If the default value year_first is used, dates are represented as 2019-09-04. If the day_first value is used, dates are represented as 04.09.2019.

link : Flag that tells the preprocessor to add the link to the repository to each heading of history item.

limit : Maximum number of items to include into the history; 0 means no limit.


To insert some history into Markdown content, use the <<history></history> tags:

Some optional content here.


More optional content.

If no attributes specified, the values of options from the project config will be used.

You may override each config option value with the attribute of the same name. Example:

<<history repos="" revision="develop" link="True" limit="5"></history>

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