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Extension for Foliant documentation generator to make docs from multiple sources.

Project description

MultiProject Extension

MultiProject is an extension for Foliant to generate the documentation from multiple sources. MultiProject consists of three parts:

  • extension for foliant.config package to resolve the !from YAML tag;
  • CLI extension for the src command;
  • RepoLink preprocessor.


$ pip install foliantcontrib.multiproject

Config Extension to Resolve the !from Tag

This extension resolves the !from YAML tag in the project config and replaces the value of the tag with chaptres section of related subproject.

Nested subprojects are processed recursively.

Usage of the Config Extension

The subproject location may be specified as a local path, or as a Git repository with optional revision (branch name, commit hash or another reference).

Example of chapters section in the project config:

    - !from local_dir
    - !from
    - !from

Before building the documentation superproject, Multiproject extension calls Foliant to build each subproject into pre target, and then moves the directories of built subprojects into the source directory of the superproject (usually called as src).


  • directory names of subprojects of the same level should be unique;
  • source directories of the multiproject and of all the subprojects should have the same names; also they should be located inside the “root” directories of corresponding projects;
  • config files of the multiproject and of all the subprojects should have the same names;
  • subprojects from remote Git repositories do not need to be newly cloned before each build, but local subprojects are copied into cache before each build;
  • it’s undesirable if the path of the “root” directory of the top-level project contains .multiprojectcache directory as its some part.

CLI Extension for the src Command

This extension supports the command src to backup the source directory of Foliant project (usually called as src) and to restore it from prepared backup.

Backing up of the source directory is needed because MultiProject extension modifies this directory by moving the directories of built subprojects into it.

Usage of the CLI Extension

To make a backup of the source directory, use the command:

$ foliant src backup

To restore the source directory from the backup, use the command:

$ foliant src restore

You may use the --config option to specify custom config file name of your Foliant project. By default, the name foliant.yml is used:

$ foliant src backup --config alternative_config.yml

Also you may specify the root directory of your Foliant project by using the --path option. If not specified, current directory will be used.

RepoLink Preprocessor

This preprocessor allows to add into each Markdown source a hyperlink to the related file in Git repository. Applying of the preprocessor to subprojects allows to get links to separate repositories from different pages of a single site (e.g. generated with MkDocs).

By default, the preprocessor emulates MkDocs behavior. The preprocessor generates HTML hyperlink with specific attributes and inserts the link after the first heading of the document. The default behavior may be overridden.

The preprocessor supports the same options repo_url and edit_uri as MkDocs.

Usage of the Preprocessor

To enable the preprocessor, add repolink to preprocessors section in the project config:

    - repolink

The preprocessor has a number of options:

    - repolink:
        edit_uri: /blob/master/src/
        link_type: html
        link_location: after_first_heading
        link_text: ""
        link_title: View the source file
        link_html_attributes: "class=\"md-icon md-content__icon\" style=\"margin: -7.5rem 0\""
            - pre

repo_url : URL of the related repository. Default value is an empty string; in this case the preprocessor does not apply. Trailing slashes do not affect.

edit_uri : Revision-dependent part of URL of each file in the repository. Default value is /blob/master/src/. Leading and trailing slashes do not affect.

link_type : Link type: HTML (html) or Markdown (markdown). Default value is html.

link_location : Place in the document to put the hyperlink. By default, the hyperlink is placed after the first heading, and newlines are added before and after it (after_first_heading). Other values: before_content—the hyperlink is placed before the content of the document, the newline after it is provided; after_content—the hyperlink is placed after the content of the document, the newline before it is added; defined_by_tag—the tags <repo_link></repo_link> that are met in the content of the document are replaced with the hyperlink.

link_text : Hyperlink text. Default value is Edit this page.

link_title : Hyperlink title (the value of title HTML attribute). Default value is also Edit this page. This option takes effect only when link_type is set to html.

link_html_attributes : Additional HTML attributes for the hyperlink. By using CSS in combination with class attribute, and/or style attribute, you may customize the presentation of your hyperlinks. Default value is an empty string. This option takes effect only when link_type is set to html.

targets : Allowed targets for the preprocessor. If not specified (by default), the preprocessor applies to all targets.

You may override the value of the edit_uri config option with the FOLIANT_REPOLINK_EDIT_URI system environment variable. It can be useful in some non-stable testing or staging environments.

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