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a small cron-like scheduler in Python

Project description


fooster-cron is small cron-like scheduler designed for simple, recurring jobs. It supports a basic set of field values though is extensible by using any class inheriting from cron.Field. Because this package is multiprocessing, shared objects must be synchronized, e.g. by multiprocessing.Manager.


Below is basic usage for calling a function and printing a message every hour (at minute 0), a set of minutes every hour, and every 20 minutes per hour.

from fooster import cron

def count():
    for i in range(5):

scheduler = cron.Scheduler()
scheduler.add(cron.Job(count, minute=5))
scheduler.add(cron.Job(print, ['Hourly function, run every hour on the hour!'], name='hourly', minute=0))
scheduler.add(cron.Job(print, ['This one runs at special minutes!'], minute=[1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55]))
scheduler.add(cron.Job(print, ['This one runs every 20 minutes within each hour!'], minute=cron.Every(20)))




cron.Job(function, args=(), kwargs={}, name=None, minute=cron.All(), hour=cron.All(), day=cron.All(), month=cron.All(), weekday=cron.All())


Attribute Value
function function to call
args tuple of function arguments
kwargs dictionary of named function arguments
minute range [0, 59]
hour range [0, 23]
day range [1, 31]
month range [1, 12]
weekday range [0, 6], 0 is Monday


To make a custom field, inherit from cron.Field and change the __eq__ method to return True when the passed value matches. The param member of the class is automatically populated with the passed argument unless the __init__ method is overridden. The value passed is a value from one of the time.struct_time fields.


class List(cron.Field):
    def __eq__(self, value):
        return value in self.param
class All(cron.Field):
    def __init__(self):

    def __eq__(self, value):
        return True

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