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Adds iteration methods like zip, filter, apply to built-in Python collections in a fluent programming style.

Project description


This module adds the built-in functions that work on iterables and make them into methods in order to support a fluent programming style. It uses the package forbiddenfruit to do so, thus the name. The package is intended as a classroom teaching tool and talk tool, so likely won't be expanded much. If you like this, see fluentpy and assertpy for more support of this programming style in Python.


The package is installable via the Python Package Repository:

pip install forbiddenfluent


>>> import forbiddenfluent
>>> forbiddenfluent.curse()  # Adds methods to built-in objects in-place

>>> [1, 2, 3].map(lambda x: x * 2)
[2, 4, 6]

>>> ["Algeria", "Belgium", "Canada"].map(str.lower).filter(lambda x: len(x) > 6)
["algeria", "belgium"]

>>> [1, 2, 3].sum()

>>> (["Algeria", "Belgium", "Canada"]
>>>  .map(str.lower)
>>>  .filter(lambda x: len(x) > 6)
>>> )
["algeria", "belgium"]

>>> forbiddenfluent.reverse()
>>> [1, 2, 3].map(lambda x: x * 2)  ## AttributeError!


To keep use of this module simple, each method follows the convention of returning a same-type copy of itself; That is, returns a list, set.filter() returns a set, and so on. This means a loss of performance benefits that relate to the lazy iteration of normal map(list) and map(set) operations. The author of this package is open to adding this feature in the future, although likely other packages for fluent programming will be a better option.

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