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Force-delete a file or folder held by other Windows processes.

Project description

Force Delete Win

Force delete a file or folder held by other Windows processes, even if it is being used by other processes.

This can be used in race condition situations where a process has opened a folder and it tries to delete it just before closing the original handle.

This function will close all the handles of all the processes that have opened the requested file or directory, thus it may cause unexpected behavior on other programs or could leave your file system on an inconsistent state. USE THIS UNDER YOUR OWN RISK.


To compile force-delete-win sources, you must have Rust installed.


You can install this library by using either pip or conda:

# PyPi installation
pip install force-delete-win

# Conda installation
conda install force-delete-win -c conda-forge

Building from source

To build from sources, you will require both a working stable or nightly Rust toolchain with target x86_64-pc-windows-msvc, which can be installed using rustup.

Additionally, force-delete-win uses Maturin as the build backend, which can be installed using pip:

pip install maturin

To test your compilation environment settings, you can build force-delete-win sources locally, by executing:

maturin develop

This package depends on the following Rust crates:

  • PyO3: Library used to produce Python bindings from Rust code.
  • force-delete-win: Force file/folder deletion on Windows from Rust.
  • Maturin: Build system to build and publish Rust-based Python packages.


For using this package please do,

from force_delete_win import force_delete_file_folder

deleted = force_delete_file_folder(path_to_folder_or_file)


We use pytest run our tests, just open a terminal and run,




Visit our CHANGELOG file to learn more about our new features and improvements.

Contribution guidelines

We follow PEP8 and PEP257 for pure python packages and Rust to compile extensions. We use MyPy type annotations for all functions and classes declared on this package. Feel free to send a PR or create an issue if you have any problem/question.

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