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Forecasting Model package based on naive models

Project description

Forecast_x: Toolkit with Naive models for time series.

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Forecast_x is a pure python package that provides different naive models for fitting multiple time series, especially in batch process, due to its powerful flexibility and easy usage.

This library can be used in several industries with focus on manufacturing processes, where forecasting models with low cost of error are needed to plan raw material consumption.


Forecast_x uses the following models to produce forecast:

  • Model Naive
  • Model Seas Naive
  • Model Mean Two Periods
  • Model Mean Three Periods
  • Model Half Seas Mean
  • Model Seas Period Mean
  • Model Double Seas Mean
  • Model Seas Growth
  • Model Expo Weighted
  • Model Threefith Mean
  • Model Multi Seas Mean
  • Model Seas Double Mean Growth
  • Model Grand Mean
  • Model Smooth Grand Mean
  • Model Last Seas Mean
  • Model Current Mean Seas
  • Model Smooth Double Seas Naive
  • Model Truncated Mean
  • Model Harmonic Mean
  • Model Heronian Mean

Getting started: 10 seconds to Forecast_x

Here is how-to use Forecast_x models:

from forecast_x import forecast_x as fx

# time series observation
time_series = [51, 17, 28, 37, 52, 21, 34, 47, 38, 35, 7, 27]
freq = 12 # monthly
h = 12 # forecast months ahead

# Creating the forecast object
f = fx.forecast(time_series, freq, h)

# Applying any the model from the package
model = f.model_naive()

# The model variable would produce a list of three elements:
# - Fitting Values
# - Error
# - Forecast

To get only forecast of a given model you should use:


To allow the package to select the best fit based on multiple cross validation you should use:

model = f.best_model()
# forecast_x would select 'model_seas_period_mean' as best model based on test results
# Getting forecast from best model
forecast = get_forecast(model)


# or PyPI
pip install forecast_x


  • None.

Python Version

Supported on 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.




The official documentation will be available soon.


Citations or acknowledge on any work or project are very welcome:

Alejandro De Barros. 2018. Forecast_x: An open source forecasting tool for time series library for Python


Alejandro De Barros – ( –

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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