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Fast Python bindings for the forestdb embedded database.

Project description

## forestdb-python

Fast Python bindings for [forestdb](, an embedded key-value storage engine developed by Couchbase. The main index structure is built from [Hierarchical B+-Tree based Trie]( (pdf).

> Compared with traditional B+-Tree based storage engines, ForestDB shows significantly better read and write performance with less storage overhead.

### ForestDB Features

  • Keys, values and metadata are treated as arbitrary binary data.

  • Values can be retrieved by key or by a unique integer sequence number.

  • Write-Ahead-Logging (WAL) and its in-memory index are used to reduce the main index lookup/update overhead.

  • Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) support and append-only storage layer.

  • Multiple snapshots can be created from a given ForestDB instance to provide different views of database over time.

  • Rollback is supported to revert the database to a point-in-time.

  • Ranged iteration by keys is supported for partial or full range lookup operation (cursors).

  • Transactional support with read committed or read uncommitted isolation.

  • Encryption (AES256)

### Python Binding Features

  • Written in Cython to give best performance.

  • Support for virtually all public APIs.

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