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Find maintained forks of your favorite repositories

Project description


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This might help to find maintained alternatives of an abandoned repo.

Inspired by forked


  • Python 3.5 and up


from PyPI

$ pip install forkwork

from git repository

$ pip install git+

from source

$ git clone
$ cd forkwork
$ python install


To prevent rale limit being exceeded for unauthentIcated requests, forkwork needs an access token. For public repositories, create a token with the public_repo permission.

You can use token as environment variable FORKWORK_TOKEN at ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc

export FORKWORK_TOKEN="****************************************"

or pass token as option --token

$ forkwork --help
Usage: forkwork [OPTIONS] URL COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --token TEXT
  --help        Show this message and exit.


top command option

$  forkwork top --help

Usage: forkwork top [OPTIONS]

  --n INTEGER           Numbers of rows
  -S, --star            Sort by stargazers count
  -F, --forks           Sort by forks count
  -I, --open_issues     Sort by open issues count
  -D, --updated_at      Sort by updated at
  -P, --pushed_at       Sort by pushed at
  -W, --watchers_count  Sort by watchers count (Slow because requires an
                        additional request per fork)
  -C, --commits         Sort by number of commits (Slow because requires an
                        additional requests per fork)
  -B, --branches        Sort by number of branches (Slow because requires an
                        additional request per fork)
  --help                Show this message and exit.

Example usage

find top repo

$ forkwork top -S --n=5
| URL                                           |   Stars |   Forks |   Open Issues | Last update   | Pushed At    |
| |     599 |     110 |             6 | 5 days ago    | 3 months ago |
|    |      45 |      15 |             0 | 3 months ago  | 5 years ago  |
|    |      41 |       7 |             0 | 9 months ago  | 7 years ago  |
|        |      11 |       2 |             0 | 1 year ago    | 5 years ago  |
|        |      11 |      12 |             3 | 3 months ago  | 2 years ago  |

find commit that don't merged and not pushed to a pull request

$ forkwork fnm

1 add: proxy

1 add support proxies
default  API version
$ forkwork fnm

1 <attempt> Update requirements

1 Remove autocreating where based on headers If-Modified-Since

Python-eve since 0.5 disabled If-Modified-Since on resource endpoints
Same functionality is available with
a ?where={"_udpated": {"$gt": "<RFC1123 date>"}} request.

Development setup

Using Poetry

$ poetry install

or Pipenv

$ pipenv install --dev -e .



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