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Extra features for Django Forms

Project description

forms2: Django forms extra features

The forms2 package provides an enhanced version of django forms. In particular, the SQLAchemy integration and a per-field access control. Documentation Status


pip install forms2


SQLAlchemy model form example:

class MyModelForm(SAModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = MyModel
        mapping = {
            'field1': 'instance.child.attribute',
            'field2': 'attribute3',
    field1 = forms.IntegerField()
    field2 = forms.CharField()

A simple example showing field access control:

class MyForm(FieldAccessMixin, Form):
    class Meta:
        access = {
            ('field1', 'field2'): access_admin,
            'field3': MyForm.access_admin1,
            None: lambda user, instance: FieldAccess.enabled,
    field1 = forms.IntegerField()

    def access_admin1(cls):
        return FieldAccess.readonly

A more realistic example for field access control:

def access_bank_details(user, instance):
    if not has_perm(user, instance, 'edit_bank_account'):
        if has_perm(user, instance, 'edit_contract_id'):
            return FieldAccess.readonly
        return FieldAccess.excluded
    return FieldAccess.enabled

def access_contract_id(user, instance):
    if not (has_perm(user, instance, 'edit_contract_id') and has_perm(user, instance, 'do_stuff')):
            return FieldAccess.readonly

class BankForm(FieldAccessMixin, Form):
    class Meta:
        access = {
            ('bank_account', 'bank_name', 'bank_balance'): access_bank_details,
            'contract_id': access_contract_id,
            None: BankForm.access_check,

    bank_account = forms.CharField()
    bank_name = forms.CharField()
    bank_balance = forms.FloatField()

    contract_id = forms.IntegerField()

    some_other_field = forms.CharField()

    def access_check(cls):
        return FieldAccess.readonly

Field access control using filter syntax:

def can_view_event(user, instance):
    if user.has_perm('event', 'view'):
        return FieldAccess.enabled

def can_view_merchant(user, instance):
    if user.has_perm('merchant', 'view'):
        return FieldAccess.enabled

def exclude_for_not_finance(user, instance):
    if not user.has_perm('merchant', 'some_financial_permission'):
        return FieldAccess.excluded


    access = {
        # Filters are applied left to right, the result is the first filter to return a FieldAccess value

        # This will be enabled if you can view the event, else readonly
        'field_a': can_view_event | default(FieldAccess.readonly),

        # This will be enabled if you can view the event OR the merchant, else excluded
        'field_b': can_view_event | can_view_merchant | default(FieldAccess.excluded),

        # This will be enabled if you can view the event AND the merchant, else excluded
        'field_b2': can_view_event & can_view_merchant | default(FieldAccess.excluded),

        # This will be excluded if you don't have some finance permission, else enabled (this is the default)
        'field_c': exclude_for_not_finance


If you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. please create an issue on the GitHub project page.


This software is licensed under the MIT license

See License

© 2013 Paylogic International.



  • Allow to pass queryset as callable to make it lazy (bubenkoff)


  • No logging of exception getting the id from the value (bubenkoff)


  • Removed relative imports (wlansu)

  • Added a default instance=None to constructor method of BaseModelForm (wlansu)

  • Fixed a pep8 issue in tests.__init__() (wlansu)


  • Initial public release

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